Lawrence P

Michigan, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Lawrence's reviews

Reed Park › January 26, 2013
Well groomed. Nice mix of shots, annies/hyzers. I like playing hole 17 and 18 the most. Its definitely nice to have someone with you that can help spot on a couple holes.
Central Michigan University › August 27, 2012
Good course for the area. This is a great place for the budding disc golfer to practice skillz. Not real easy to loose a disc plus there's a few water holes to practice your confidence when throwing next to water. The wind can make it a real challenge.
Deerfield ParkDeerfield › August 29, 2011
Challenging indeed. Alot of elevation changes. Hole 5 was awesome easy to get major distance. Hole 2 will mess with your head and make you think the basket is missing. Its not- its underneath the flag, trying sinking an ace on that lol. Needed more benches and some trashcans.