Jimmy Jean

Michigan, USA Righty - backhand

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Main course

Regular tees · 9 holes · Par 27 Played twice

26 Best score
Friends' best scores
119Ben Calhoun
221Hunter S. Dotson
324Robert Shaffer
425Miah IT'S NOT THAT FAR Swain
425"Lightning" Don Bush
626Jimmy Jean
727Danger Dave
830Felicia Calhoun
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28.0 Average score
Friends' averages
125.7Robert Shaffer
225.8Hunter S. Dotson
327.8Miah IT'S NOT THAT FAR Swain
428.0Danger Dave
428.0Jimmy Jean
Averages require 3+ rounds
Similar averages
21.8Grant Anderson
22.2Daniel J Lee
22.4Steve Albert
23.3Chad R
24.8Levi Cavender
25.2Gary Frader
25.5Chad klavinger
25.5Scott Ransley
25.7Robert Shaffer
25.8nick mulligan
25.8Hunter S. Dotson
26.4Abram D
27.2Mark W. Ritchey
27.3Joey stafford
27.7Don Slater
27.8Miah IT'S NOT THAT FAR Swain
28.0Danger Dave
28.0Joseph Ross
28.1Benjamin Pierce
28.2Christopher Graham
28.7randy rorabacher
29.7alam g
31.1Justin Van Fleet
33.8Alex smith
Averages require 3+ rounds
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Regular tees 2x · 18 holes · Par 54 Not played

Best score
Friends' best scores
144Joshua M Barnett
246Hunter S. Dotson
246Mike "Papa Par" Even
246Nick Oliver
549Robert Shaffer
549"Lightning" Don Bush
750Miah IT'S NOT THAT FAR Swain
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Average score
Friends' averages
147.0Hunter S. Dotson
247.3Nick Oliver
Averages require 3+ rounds
Similar averages
47.0Hunter S. Dotson
47.3Nick Oliver
50.0Michael Leslie
51.4Gary Frader
52.1nick mulligan
52.2Mark W. Ritchey
53.0Steven Suminski
53.0William "Bullet Bill" Pope
53.7Joey stafford
54.3Don Slater
55.3Dave Beauchamp
Averages require 3+ rounds

Safari Nine · 9 holes Not played