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Dec 13
Canyonview Camp · Silverton, OR
Psycho Santa III, 20 holes Doubles
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Dec 13
Canyonview Camp · Silverton, OR
Psycho Santa III, 20 holes Doubles
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Nov 15
Keizer Rapids · Keizer, OR
Med layout (1of2 in long), 18 holes


Steve Moore    December 7 at 11:02pm

Anybody up for a round at Woodmansee tomorrow, Monday the 8th. Time is flexible at this point so first person interested can call it.


Steve Moore    December 6 at 9:14pm

Big thanks out to those involved with a good day at Camp Tadmor and Waterloo. You know who you are cause you were there. Very enjoyable day by this old guy and thanks for the invite and ride from the Hawg Farm.

scotty don't- make putts   December 7 at 12:42am

today was a great day no rain beautiful courses and could not ask for a better group to play with thank you for joining us today Steve

Steve Moore    November 25 at 11:57pm

If you have not already I ask if you could take a moment for a quick survey about the long term goals and plans for Minto Brown Island in Salem. It is going thru redevelopment planning stage, very early stages. I would like a comment at end of survey that you'd like to possibly see a top level disc golf course put in to the plans. I have attended first meeting and will attend any and all meetings as needed to see this possibly happen. Long ways out but step one is to let them know there ... more


Steve Moore    November 17 at 9:05pm

After getting to play the 3 CCDG Home courses over the last few days, I have 2 comments to put out. First is thanks to those that I got to throw with. Second it brought to mind how all 3 course are still in various levels and need of repair and maintenance. This has been a long running issue over the years and in many cases we are no further along then in past. This is not to say that there has not been some things resolved, but there is still along ways that we can go. I will like to se ... more

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Brad Rich   November 19 at 11:10am

I would be interested in helping with woodsmansee as far as moving baskets and helping maintenance issues.

Brad Rich   November 19 at 11:11am

just throwing that out there.

Steve Moore   November 19 at 4:06pm

Thanks for stepping up with your offer Brad

Steve Moore    November 16 at 8:36pm

Anybody want to meet up tomorrow, Monday the 17th, for a round at Woodmansee. Start time can be flexible on my end. give a holler and what time would work out for you.

Erik Gyllenskog   November 17 at 11:16am

12 noon work for you...?

Steve Moore   November 17 at 11:46am

12 it is for any and all

Erik Gyllenskog   November 17 at 11:50am

cool,see ya then...

Steve Moore    November 14 at 10:22pm

Map of tree planting for Cascade Gateway tomorrow morning.

Join in if not doing anything else. Will wait to see how it comes out but some of locations seem to not make much sense to me.

I wish them well with project and glad to see something happening.


Steve Moore    November 12 at 9:03pm

Today's activities at Wheatland course was install the kiosk. It got accomplished and will eventually have a course layout sign and other things on it. Good job again PacWest and their friends. Here are the photo's I shot while out there today.
Again, well done to those involved.


Steve Moore    November 6 at 8:41pm

Hawg Farm Disc Golf is going public and beginning a new journey, with a unknown ending. I'm looking to help grow our sport and find a middle ground for all the different players we have in this sport. We are all different but have at least one thing in common, Disc golf. Hopefully this group will grow in numbers involved at various levels for ideas, opinions, manual labor, and whatever else it takes. There are no membership dues, rules or regulations at this time. I do have a set of gu ... more


Steve Moore    October 26 at 9:25pm

Looking to sell few discs for good price, make a reasonable offer and see what we can do.
Blue Latitude 64 Saint 172g
Orange Westside discs Stag 172g
White Latitude 64 River gold line 176g
Blue DGA Aftershock 2nd annual Taloali Fundraiser stamp 169g
Black Sparkle Dynamic discs Witness 2014 Canyonview Stamp
All like new or brand new
Contact me here or with pm

Mr. Snap   October 26 at 11:27pm

what u wanting for the aftershock Steve?

Brad Rich   October 27 at 1:51pm

How much are you wanting for the Stag Steve?

Steve Moore    October 23 at 8:12pm

And last is the GoPro from the chest mount wandering Taloali from the Camp 2 Camp event.
All video and pictures shot and edited by a beginner.


Steve Moore    October 23 at 12:02am

And here is Camp Taloali hole 17 from then can cam. Still have the gopro footage to look at tomorrow hopefully to see if anything worthwhile on it.


Steve Moore    October 22 at 11:03pm

Okay here is the Canyon View Camp portion first edit to remove time between the groups shot from the can cam on hole 2. It's still long but shows all groups from tee to putting out. Should have Taloali portion later tonight or in morning. Processing and uploading to youtube is slow process.



Steve Moore    October 20 at 9:02pm

Running behind planned schedule but wanted to at least get pictures posted of Camp 2 Camp event this last weekend. Not fancy posting but slideshow should start autoplay 3 secs and pause with mouseover full image. Hope to get time to do some video edit tomorrow.
Enjoy from a beginner, rather be playing but photos and videos are good to remember events by.
Steve @ Hawg Farm Disc Golf coming to a town near you soon (maybe)


Steve Moore    October 4 at 11:11pm

Update for any interested disc golfers I did finally receive a answer as to my questions to CCDG about many things that concern us all for some time now. Following quote : Steve, I have seen your posts and would like to ask you to clarify what you are asking. Courses are being maintained by CCDG as they have always been, so I do not understand what kind of statement you would like from us. Also, I want to let you know that Capital City Disc Golf's Disc Golf Scene page will n ... more


Steve Moore    October 3 at 11:52pm

It's been couple days since CCDG meeting and have heard nothing about questions and concerns asked about. Wondering if there was any discussion or comments from the board or others that may have been at meeting? Willing to meet with anyone that wants to about my concerns at time that works for us both, here at my place or on a course.
I feel this concerns all players in our area, and even those that come to visit our local courses. I just like to see courses finished and maintained for the best playing experiance possible. Thank you. Steve


Steve Moore    September 29 at 11:05pm

Was on course today to assist with distance measuring of new layout and new alt locations that also got installed today. Most of discussion for this course currently going on at

What a wonderful group to work with. Couple folks had a dream and a plan and made it happen. Great new facelift for old course. Been glad to assist some on this project and only wish it was closer to my house.


Steve Moore    September 25 at 5:44pm

Looking to do a morning round tomorrow friday somewhere. Maybe woodmansee or Taloali. Let me know if interested in joining in. Want to do some testing with camera rigs.


Steve Moore    September 23 at 11:31pm

Quick test of my new toy (early christmas to myself) of GoPro with chest mount at the Hawg Farm putting range. Think I'm going to like it for future projects I'm thinking about. More actual field testing to follow shortly.

Looking for others that may want to get involved with photos and video over the next year plus. Let me know if interested.

Silas Prince   September 24 at 12:56am

I need to rent this for my bands next gig

Steve Moore    September 18 at 10:34pm

Anybody up for a morning round at Woodmanse tomorrow friday the 19th? Time somewhat flexible but thinking around 8 or 8:30 start no later then 9.

Steve Moore   September 18 at 11:06pm

got a reply so 8 start time for any one that can or wants to

Steve Moore    September 13 at 7:21pm

As the days get shorter and fall and winter approches, I am putting out a call to CCDG and if they have any plans in place for the Woodmansee course as far as repairs and getting ready for winter weather. They should already be aware of needed items and general disc public should be aware if they have plans in place for the course. If not then I guess I will need to take charge again and see what can be done at this time. If so then will be happy for any and all assistance. Thank you and see what happens.
And yes I have tried to communicate with them with out much response.

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