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Steve Moore    1 day ago

Anybody up for a morning round at Woodmanse tomorrow friday the 19th? Time somewhat flexible but thinking around 8 or 8:30 start no later then 9.


Steve Moore   1 day ago

got a reply so 8 start time for any one that can or wants to

Steve Moore    6 days ago

As the days get shorter and fall and winter approches, I am putting out a call to CCDG and if they have any plans in place for the Woodmansee course as far as repairs and getting ready for winter weather. They should already be aware of needed items and general disc public should be aware if they have plans in place for the course. If not then I guess I will need to take charge again and see what can be done at this time. If so then will be happy for any and all assistance. Thank you and see what happens.

And yes I have tried to communicate with them with out much response.



Steve Moore    September 10 at 9:27pm

I'm in process of putting together a web site for the Hawg Farm Disc Golf and am looking to make it full of good information as it grows. I am looking for anyone interested that has ideas, photos, videos, whatever to help add to the usefulness of the site as it grows. Anyone with graphics or photography interest would be more then welcome. I have plans over the next year for the Hawg Farm and it's website coming soon. Now looking for anyone else that might want to join in the adventure that ... more


Steve Moore    September 7 at 5:49pm

Just trying to pass some info out that may not follow Canyonview Camp page. Good cause and Thanks out to those that have atready steeped up and donated so far: "THIS IS BIG! Only for the Month of September and October! If you find a NEW sponsor for the CANYONVIEW disc golf course, you will get free entrance to one of our next 2 events! (Camp Fire Open or the Psycho Santa). And if you have already signed up for these events, you will get a refund! A hole sponsor is $350 and we only have 8 hol ... more

Steve Moore   September 7 at 5:51pm

Just trying to pass some info out 'to those' that may not follow Canyonview Camp page

Justin "ugh massa" Stinson   September 7 at 6:35pm

thanks steve. i may have i line on one ;)

Steve Moore    August 24 at 6:57pm

Had a very enjoyable morning at Camp Taloali this morning. Two rounds, second much better then first one. Course needs some work but playable for just reopening, Heard James Medley is going to be taking care of camp contact and work plan. If so James please get hold of me, if not then I may step up this year and see what I can do with it working with the camp and help from others.



Steve Moore    August 18 at 9:50pm

Good but hot day at Champoeg pouring new tee pads. Big thanks out to those involved. Couple links to pictures and a short video.

Enjoy them when course reopens in few days. Lots of hard work by few dedicated folks to get this project designed, okayed, and now one step closer to finish. Big thanks out from this old guy to all.



Rick Saffeels    August 5 at 11:29am

Thanks for registering for the 100 Hole Tournament!


Thomas "T" D.    August 4 at 12:18pm

Looks like you need to make posts on your board to avoid Censure, Steve. Cant nobody keep you down on your own page.

Steve Moore   August 4 at 2:00pm

Even better then that "T" is the soon to be released Hawg Farm Disc Golf Web site in next couple weeks. Then I can create a site for those of us that are interested in discussion and a place for me to post pictures and such of events. Also will be open to suggestions and comments from discer's to ... more

Steve Moore   August 4 at 2:02pm

And yes, nothing can keep us old guys down except our final day on this planet, and even then I may come back to haunt a few folks.

ROGUE RIDER   August 5 at 2:13pm


ROGUE RIDER    August 2 at 1:59pm


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Steve Moore   August 4 at 12:01pm

Let's go for it, folks always welcome just let me know so will ensure at home. Evenings are always good and just trying to stay cool during this warm, hot spell.

AGRO JACKSON   August 8 at 1:46pm

Hear tht. Well all catch up when I get back from reno/tahoe

ROGUE RIDER   August 8 at 2:02pm

lil evening session, putting at the hog farm? ready for a late night with mobb, we roll deep!

Steve Moore    July 28 at 10:10pm

Still waiting for a response from Capital City Disc Golf as to if they are going to take full responsibility for the proper continual upkeep into the future of Woodmansee course. If not then I will continue my efforts to see it happens some how even though it should be their responsibility. I just want this issue resolved for the best of all and so we don't keep having the same issue keeping course in good shape like last few years. It needs to be done with cooperation and approval from Parks ... more

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Lucky .   July 28 at 10:24pm


Lucky .   July 28 at 10:24pm

And ridin dirty!!!!

Steve Moore   July 29 at 12:10am

Well Lucky, guess that's your idea of getting something accompished, sadly that seems to be CCDG ideas of getting done also. Seems like pretty wasted and useless response but have fun I guess

Steve Moore    July 21 at 10:13pm

Here are two more links for the video at the ace hole round 1 and round 3. Video compressed from High Definition for posting to web.

More to this editing and export formats then I guessed on so learning curve continues. Hope someone finds these worth watching at least once. Will try to get some of hand held shots up at some point. They will need bunch of editing.



Steve Moore    July 21 at 3:23pm

Here is a link to first pictures posted of Amped Wide Open this last weekend here in Salem. I will be getting more stuff posted next couple days as time allows.

Thanks all involved


Steve Moore    July 20 at 12:04am

Thanks to all who came and participated in the Amped Wide Open at Auburn golf course today. Hope all had a good time and as we learn what we are doing it can only get better. We have bigger dreams and plans if they can all come together. Takes a lot of behind the scene work even at 'C' tier tournament. We are open to any and all comments and suggestion to help us improve our show into the future. Thanks all


Steve Moore    July 18 at 12:41pm

** Toledo DGC needs TLC after being vandalized **

The new Toledo DGC install was totally vandalized recently and needs repair work to redo damage and finish install. A small group of folks are working hard on this project over there and have new supplies ready to start over. I am looking at going over Sunday the 27th this month to assist with this project. If anyone not busy and would like to help out and carpool over let me know please. More details to follow, just trying to get word out to all. Thank you.

ROGUE RIDER   July 18 at 1:42pm

huge annual tournament that day, and i mean HUGE, sorry i cant do a workparty that day

Steve Moore    July 15 at 9:05pm

If there is anyone not playing the Auburn Amped Wide Open event Saturday and has camera/video setup and would like to help me shoot the days event, let me know and get you set up as volunteer with me for the day. Should be good day and have just learned that John McCray top rated professional will be joining in for the day. First time in Salem to try out a golf course concept, smaller then most but should still make for great day od disc golf.



Steve Moore    June 30 at 11:39am

Woodmansee Tee pad #15 after reinstall new location. Good job to Barry and any others that were able to assist him with this project. I was not able to stay yesterday so went back this morning to get pictures to post for all to see.

Good job on the tee pad work, thanks from me.



Steve Moore    June 29 at 9:07pm

And what the Woods was looking like 2 weeks ago before being cared for

Hope it doesn't get like this again, let's all work together please, thanks



Steve Moore    June 29 at 8:20pm

New walkthrough pictures of Woodmansee DGC after cleanup work done, couple more projects yet to finish up with. Big thanks out to the parks department supervisor for meeting with me on course and allowing this work and future discussions about the course and it's proper maintenance.

Enjoy the course and no more complaints about lost discs in fairways please,

also if you want to help me in my further adventures in course upkeep, please let me know.

Thanks all



Steve Moore    June 26 at 4:27pm

Got holes and tee areas 8 & 9 this morning before minor equipment issue made me decide to call it for the day. That leaves mostly 6 and 7 to try and get to tomorrow morning all goes well. Got first few holes done yesterday. Enjoy it all as this is about as good as it gets for now. Will continue to try to work with parks on few other items for course before winter sets in. Will be looking for some people power later on for assistance with these if all gets approved.


Steve Moore    June 25 at 4:33pm

Woodmansee course is looking good as ever at this point. With the parks dept getting mowing done right after our talks and this morning I was able to start on the rest of it. Will be planning on next couple mornings to get done what I want and have agreements with parks folks at this time. Still interested in getting together some interested folks to help assist in keeping this course in good shape year round. I won't be around forever to do it and it will not be bad with a few dedicated fol ... more

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