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+4 60
Dec 1
Reed Park · North Star, MI
Regular tees, 18 holes California round
-6 50
Nov 10
Reed Park · North Star, MI
Regular tees, 18 holes Doubles
+12 68
Nov 8
Reed Park · North Star, MI
Regular tees, 18 holes


Keith Aten    November 9 at 9:09am

My Disc Golf family ROCKS. They helped raise over $1000 for my nephews family. WOW you guys are the best. Big thanks to J-Bird Discs, Mount Pleasant Disc Golf Club, Marks Carpet Cleaning, The Secret Handshake Club, and to everyone who not only paid to play but then added $$ and support to the cause. Jadd, Cristna, Jerdan and Lealin Thanks you all so much.

Nate Upton   November 9 at 9:13am

Keith, know we all are happy to help.

Jammer Gross   November 9 at 10:14am

ud83dudc4d wish I could have been there I love sloppy joes. Did it snow last night like in day glo part 1? I could have made it if our car was capable of 150 miles per minute. Got out of work at 3:45

Keith Aten    November 7 at 3:54pm

A HUGE thanks to JBird J-Bird Discs, He just informed me that the players Pack disc for the…/Day_Glo_Open_Part_Duce_2014 will be donated by JBird. Thank You Jay your the best !!

Day Glo Open Part Duce
Day Glo Open Part Duce is a disc golf tournament at Reed Park in North Star, MI, beginning on November 8, 2014.


Keith Aten    October 30 at 7:52am

Attention Artist GR has chosen Blue Gill Hole 10

Nick Pacific   October 30 at 9:39am

That's a good one to pick

Keith Aten    October 27 at 8:46am

The MDGO is looking for artwork for the 2015 MDGO Berth, Raffle, Championships and 1 Hot Stamp (b/w)disc.[/size]We will provide a stipend for all artwork used. We will have digital files available of the club logos and Holes (pictures) avail by Fri Nov, 1 2014. Please send an email to [email redacted] if you need these files.Photos and files will also be available on Disc Golf Scene Here's the details of what is needed and required:3 different full color discs - you may submit for 1 disc 2 ... more


Keith Aten    October 13 at 10:18am

Some of you may know that my 2 year old nephew has been diagnosed with a rare cancer. He is responding to the treatment well. On Nov 8 I am hosting the Day Glo Open

This event will now be a Fundraiser event for the Lealinator Fund.

All proceeds will go to the family to help them during this trying time.

Come Have some fun and help them out.

Cant make it ? Help them out here:

Eric Guimond   October 17 at 11:19am

Keith, I am in a wedding on the 8th. I wish I could make it. I did make my $20 donation on the gofundme page. Hope to see you all sometime soon!

Keith Aten   October 18 at 7:18am

Thank you very much Eric. THh family appreciates your help

Keith Aten    October 7 at 7:34am

The MDGO Is now taking Berth request for the 2015 season. Please request your Berths here on this page. Please only request berths on this page


Keith Aten    September 15 at 9:48am

Congrats to the JBPS overall winners. $3822 in Series Cash and prizes were awawded this weekend.
Geoff Bennett $227
Matthew Thomas Toy $144
Josh Taylor $105
James Crawford $77
Spencer Skar $436
TJ Wilson $267
Am 2
Kenny Mize $315
Zac Cauchy $186
John Norkowski $186
Simon Porritt $114
Cody Duggins $90
Eric Saya $66
Gr Masters
Scott Gross $94
Keith Aten $60
Craig Clingan $44
Curt McGill $37
Am Masters
Terry Grost $112
Wayne Van Tuinen $84
Iron Bird $1,178
Cody Duggins 18 of the 19 events

Jamie Vincent   September 15 at 10:24am

wow great job cody duggings..over $1200 in winnings..thats whats up

Eirik Kauserud   September 15 at 8:26pm

Yeah Cody. That only had to happen once,.... there will be 20 players playing all events next year... Just watch!

Daymon Pugh    September 14 at 7:28am

Keith Daymonpugh 12248 here if you want to fill me out a card I am on my way


Keith Aten    September 4 at 9:22am

JBPS Standings

All qualifiers still must play in the finals for overall rewards.

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David LaPorte   September 4 at 5:38pm

I shoulda played the Flip Open:(

Keith Aten   September 4 at 8:08pm

Yep Goes to Iron Bird Cody Duggins played in 18 of the 19 events, well he will at the finals

Nate Upton   September 5 at 12:03pm


Keith Aten    August 22 at 6:59pm

Reminder Tonight at 11:59 Michigan Berth winners must register for The Discraft Michigan State Championships or your Berth will be void.


Keith Aten    August 17 at 8:37am

Reminder to berth winners for the Discraft Michigan State Championships. The deadline to register your berth is Fri Aug 22. Next Fri. If you do not register it by then you may have to play the LCQ on Fri Aug 29.


Craig Clingan    August 10 at 10:19pm

Solid shooting today, young man! Nice win!!

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Thom Kelley   August 11 at 3:31am

Wow, Nice win Keith!

Craig Prime   August 11 at 7:36am

-5 for the day, impressive win Keith

Pat Burke   August 11 at 5:48pm

congrats Keith

Josh Taylor    July 25 at 12:23pm

Go Team Keith! XD Nation!


Scott Sprow    July 25 at 9:52am

Well done Keith.....nice little payout


Harold Fernando    July 25 at 9:50am

Nice ace Keith!


Philip lyon    July 25 at 9:09am

810 for 250! Nice!!


Dave Connors    July 25 at 8:35am

Nice ace! $$$


Craig Prime    July 25 at 7:51am

In the money, NICE ACE


Keith Aten    July 14 at 10:39am

JBPS Points updated

Note if you have only player in 6 events you must play the rest of the events to be eligible for the overall prizes. As you can see a few lucky people are winning the entire series division if they finish out. Take a look at AM 3 Dave is going to go home with over $800 in prizes when the series ends. He is the only one qualified !

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