Avery Jenkins

California, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Avery's aces

Avery has posted 8 aces.
Picture of Hole_6 Hole 6 at Waller Park · Santa Maria, CA
January 16, 2010 with a ProLine Aviar
$50 cash
12 witnesses
I aced this hole on the 1st Hole being played to start our Doubles Match vs SoCal during the NorCal vs SoCal Challenge in Santa Maria, CA.
Picture of Hole_9 Hole 9 at Boltz Jr. High School · Fort Collins, CO
November 12, 2009 with a ProLine Roc
2 witnesses
Skip Ace with an 11X KC Roc
Picture of Hole_16 Hole 16 at Knob Hill Park · Warrendale, PA
August 9, 2009 with a Star Teebird
30 witnesses
Hit the Ace to tie Geoff Bennett on the 16th hole to eventually go on to Win in a 2 hole playoff.
Picture of Hole_3 Hole 3 at Grandview Park · Des Moines, IA
July 18, 2009 with a C.E. Eagle
10 witnesses
My 3rd Consectutive Sidearm Ace and 3rd Sidearm Ace Ever! 2nd National Tour Tournament Ace.
Picture of Hole_10 Hole 10 at Roscoe Ewing Park · Medina, OH
July 3, 2009 with a Star XCaliber
3 witnesses
My 2nd Sidearm Ace Ever on the First Hole that I have ever Aced, but now from the Long Tee.
Picture of Hole_18 Hole 18 at Blue Mountain · Missoula, MT
June 5, 2009 with a Champion Firebird
3 witnesses
Silent skip ace over the hill, the disc was just sitting in the basket.
Picture of Hole_1 Hole 1 at Downriver · Spokane, WA
May 28, 2009 with a ProLine Whippet
5 witnesses
2nd shot out of the motorhome!
Picture of Hole_5 Hole 5 at Veteran's Park · Arlington, TX
October 28, 1978 with a Champion Firebird
2 witnesses
Down Hill Hole #5 in the Long Position, same Hole that Liz Lopez had aced a month previous.