Joshua Seaver

Michigan, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Joshua's reviews

Brys Park › March 2, 2015
Vienna Park › May 19, 2014
No signs or anything showing you were to go or where to shoot course is under construction/ improvement
Parmalee Park › May 19, 2014
Super short only two holes over 300 most were between 135-260 feet long
Taymouth Township Park › May 19, 2013
i don't know if htey moved some **** around since i was last time but it seems like the course got a lot worse to me. they really need a lot of work done to the course some of the holes are just throw and pray you make it farther then 50 feet. some fairways are only a 15 foot walking path wide and scattered with trees. i dont know what the hell they were thinking. i want this course to be nice i grew up less than 3 minutes away from the course and it upsets me that the did such a crap job!!!
Flip City › September 3, 2012
Best course ever made
Reed Park › May 29, 2012
Nice course not to hard. Loved the holes in the woods gave you a chance to get in the negatives before it opens up and just kills you on a few of them. The like 450 foot hole was rediculous if not for that hole i probably shoot a good score.
Central Michigan University › May 29, 2012
Lots of short ace run holes. Pretty well taken care of few tee signs dont make since and they need to have some signs from a few holes to other holes!
Deerfield ParkDeerfield › May 29, 2012
The most fun and beautiful course i have played yet
Tittabawassee Park › October 4, 2010
The Pines › December 20, 2011