joe dalessandro

Pennsylvania, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

joe's videos

nice rip with no wind
for once no wind on 15
the run for 3.
good run.
ace run on 26
z money buzz. mofos.
the bird on hole 6.
great bird outa rough.
money ass parker on 11
great shot with my roc.
hitting mofoing chains on 17
this was life and coulda be real. super close
nice duece in the snow.
ok sweatpants and socks.
parker on 7.
nice shot.
parker on 9
great shot.
parker on 9
buzz z on 9.
stelth mode.
spy cam jr.
the tray on 3b.
great putt. for the bird
the two peice on 6b.
another bird on 6b.
the bird on hole 6.
great duece.
sick ass putt for 4 on c2.
great putt. great day.
duece strattle
nice shot
tray off the terrible roll.
brutal roll. soon to come.
Park on 1
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Park on 10
super nice drive. Nice duece.
just a far shot during warm ups after shooting 27
shooting on practice tee at tyler state park in newtown pa, my home course.
Bomb on 17
throwing a bomb on 17 what more can i say
Sick birdie drive
back to back birds
Cool putt
just playing around
Close ace
shooting some disc at the park once again
Sick drive on 26
killer drive on 26 at tyler
Super close ace on 4
once again super close ace im getting close but not in the chains
Hole 18 at pike lake state park.
ok shot got a nice tree love park shot a duece
Hole 16 pike lake state park
great round shot really well
Hole 1 pike lake state park
day before wildcat hollow open
Hole 17 at pike lake state park
THE day before wildcat hollow open.