John Minicuci  › BOBIS Ace Race   March 17, 2012 at 9:04pm

$18 cash added from BOBIS Saturday Doubles.

Here's a recap from last years's BOBIS Ace Race:

$68 carryover + 36 players ($20 each) ($720) = $781

There were 10 Aces hit (Darren Harper, Dan James, Ryan Roche, Bill Coppinger, BRad Frase, Greg Ameel, Jamie Lassiter (remember him?), Lori "Tornado" McMullen-ator, Jeff Bauman, and Joe Wallo.

Each Ace was rewarded with a ($781 / 10) = $78 payout.

For basket 7 we used a temporary tee pad. There was still a hold up on tee pad 8 with 7's basket so close. Maybe we bring a portable basket for 7 and set up a temp tee pad for 7 to keep the people teeing off on 7 away from 6's basket. This might help that bottleneck.