- Gwillim -  › DGOD! Bandit BBQ Bag Tag Blowout Bonanza!   April 25, 2011 at 2:35pm

DGOD & Friends,

I had a fantastic time yesterday playing in the Bandit BBQ tourney! DGOD events are always really enjoyable and remind of what disc golf was like when I was first starting to play years ago. Thanks to the people I was paired with for the rounds; Ned Blaisdell, Andrew Nava, Luis Nava, and Tyler Miller. I really enjoyed throwing with you guys, very good vibes on the cards, thanks for that!!

Of course a huge thanks to the entire behind-the-scenes DGOD event crew. I won't name any names because then I'll forget a few. It takes a lot of people to make these things happen, and I appreciate all your hard work.

I apologize for bouncing before the post-round festivities started. The second half of the last round was pretty tough for me and I really needed to get home and lay down, heck, I'm still really sore and tired today!

See ya'all around and thanks again!