Steve Moore  › Capital City Disc Golf Club   August 4 at 2:07pm

comments deleted again, guess its not a democratic place to be anymore

Steven Winslow   August 4 at 2:20pm

Here's a word cloud of just this front page, it gets even more hilarious when static words are removed,

Steve Moore   August 4 at 2:39pm

Wow, impressive but guess I'm missing the point. Maybe I should print them and hang them up as some kind of art. Glad to see I can keep you entertained but doesn't seem to be getting much accomplished that really needs to be dealt with.

Matt Bressler   August 4 at 2:51pm

Man Winslow...The way you treat people make me not want to play in ANY tournament put on by Cap City every again. Yeah I am just one person but honestly, never, EVER, will I be at your events again. Show some respect. Yeah Steve may be a thorn in your side because he wants to keep a course looking g ... more

Erik "Easy E" Etherton   August 4 at 2:54pm

i agreed matt on so many levels!!

Matt Bressler   August 4 at 3:01pm

It's too bad cause I had a absolute BLAST at the liquid sunshine open.

Jason "Rooster" Bruster   August 4 at 8:10pm


Kayla Johnson   August 4 at 8:22pm

There is a lot that goes on off of social media that has led to the relationship between Steven and Steve. Also, Steven is only one member of CCDG, as is Mr. Moore, so hopefully their words won't discourage you from attending our events.

THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   August 5 at 12:06am

I'm so sick of this! Steve Moore you are a good man but DGS has become more drama than useful communication regarding anything CCDG. It's too bad because players will begin to remove CCDG and likely you too from their news feed if continues. Some may have already.

Jason "Rooster" Bruster   August 5 at 12:35am

All Steve did was ask a question... He wasn't rude even after being talked to rudel

Steve Moore   August 5 at 12:45am

Thank you Jason and that is correct. I'm not going away soon and offer to help any and all groups that are going in a positive manner to get things done. Enjoy the courses, hope someone is going to take care of them. Keep up your good work also Jason, got me that list yet?

Brad Rich   August 5 at 1:33pm

Ive never seen such disfuction from a club or there memebers. The whole point of the club is to bring together people not only from your city but from surrounding as well. Promoting hospitality and friendship rooting from a common love for disc golf. Work the issues out professionaly. I understand t ... more

Brad Rich   August 5 at 1:34pm

Spell Check: Members*

Steve Moore   August 5 at 7:43pm

Brad, please don't let any of my comments or opinions keep you from working with CCDG if you choose. Won't be any bad feelings or anything on my part, I just want to see that our courses are being maintened to their best, working with proper city or park officials as needed, for the good of all. ... more