Steve Moore  › Capital City Disc Golf Club   August 4 at 12:17pm

If any decisions are to be made at meeting this week, could a decision about which local courses the Club is claiming and willing to do proper maintenance and repairs of those courses. It would be nice to have a proper custodian of our local courses to present them to fellow disc golfers in the best possible way. It is work and requires a dedicated group of people. I just want to know who or which groups are willing to do this in a fine manner. Thank you.

Kayla Johnson   August 4 at 2:38pm

Steve I do not believe this will be something that we discuss. Capital City Disc Golf, as well as other local clubs and organizations all do their part on multiple courses. I do not think it is necessary to make a decision about which courses to 'claim as our own'. We do what we can to keep our loca ... more

Kayla Johnson   August 4 at 2:38pm

6pm at Salem Ale Works.

Billy Gaskill   August 4 at 3:04pm

I'm gathering that this is a mess that has been going on for a long time that input from a lowly WDGC member down the hill here will not help. I will say this: When we went to put in concrete T-pads at Adair, Steve Moore and fellow Salemites responded and really made a big impact in our efficiency ... more

Grape Ape   August 4 at 7:38pm

Well said billy

Kayla Johnson   August 4 at 8:12pm

All I was trying to say is that I don't think it's necessary for our club to 'claim' courses. I feel like all the groups (and individuals such as Steve Moore) in Salem do a pretty good job of working together to keep courses maintained. I believe that trying to claim courses will only cause more dra ... more

Steve Moore   August 5 at 12:35am

Billy, thanks for the kind words and I just try to do what I can and feel is correct. Not all agree with me and that is fine as long as the discussion and conversations stay in positive frame and for good of all. I'm glad to see an out of area person showing interest in my questions to CCDG. I am that old codger in this area and not going away soon I hope.

Steve Moore   August 5 at 12:41am

Kayla, maybe laying "claim" to a course is not the proper way to think about it. Maybe look at it more like each course should have a caretaker either an individual or club representative. This would make agreements with proper source's that each course needs to deal with easier and duplicate eff ... more

Steve Moore   August 5 at 7:47pm

I will not be able to be at CCDG meeting tomorrow but still feel this should be discussed to some extent and ideas taken as to how we can ensure courses kept up into future. If the results of any conversation could be included in posted minutes for all members to follow that would also be much appreciated. Thank you.

Kayla Johnson   August 5 at 7:52pm

We have a head greenskeeper, Barry Bolliger. He is our point of contact with the City of Salem Parks Dept, as well as the one scheduling work parties for our local courses as needed.