Steve Moore  › Capital City Disc Golf Club   July 29 at 9:48am

To bad someone feels they need to keep deleting questions asked of them, twice now. Maybe I'll get the hint but would it not be easier to just respond properly. Thank you.

Still waiting for a response from Capital City Disc Golf as to if they are going to take full responsibility for the proper continual upkeep into the future of Woodmansee course. If not then I will continue my efforts to see it happens some how even though it should be their responsibility. I just want this issue resolved for the best of all and so we don't keep having the same issue keeping course in good shape like last few years. It needs to be done with cooperation and approval from Parks department, works better that way in long run. I just am trying to figure out where best to put my efforts and what course to do it on. Thanks all.

Brad Rich   July 31 at 3:37pm

As a neutral party i would love to see upkeep at woodmansee. There are signs that are broken, baskets that need attention ( especially 9/18's basket ) and basic grounds upkeep that could take place. I dont know all the in's and outs of what needs to be approved or whatnot but I am willing to help ou ... more

Steve Moore   July 31 at 5:05pm

Thanks for the respons Brad and at this time I have some agreements with Parks department as to what can or cannot be done at this time. That is the reason the mowing got done month earlier then would have. I am waiting to hear from Capital City to see what they are going to be responsible for and ... more

Brad Rich   July 31 at 5:33pm

yeah like i said I'm just a neutral party but would like to see the closest course to me be the best it can be.

Kayla Johnson   August 4 at 2:41pm

CCDG has it's own agreement with the City Steve, no need to blame the club for things that you do not believe were approved. Brad, we're always looking for volunteers, we are just a group of individuals volunteering our time to help promote the sport and keep our local courses maintained. Talk to Ba ... more

Brad Rich   August 4 at 3:50pm

Coming from a position within a club that has been around since 1989 and thriving still I'm always down like i said to help and give ideas.

Kayla Johnson   August 4 at 8:14pm

I always welcome help and new ideas.