Matt Dungan  › jeff gayhart   July 21 at 6:51pm

Next time you're out in the kayak take a look near 16's pin about 20' out for a couple of Platt's buzzes, I know it's murky but worth a try

jeff gayhart   July 21 at 8:34pm

yea i looked today you can only see out like 6ft off the shore then it gets to deep. I covered that shore line 5 times to make sure i could get what i could see before the ****s who dont give discs back get in there.

Brian Shega   July 21 at 10:26pm

you happen to find a red mvp amp? about pin high on 16

jeff gayhart   July 22 at 12:03am

no i didnt man and i did what i could through the weeds all way from 15 basket to 5s then went to 14. Only found one of Doms and one of Johns.