Steve Moore  › Capital City Disc Golf Club   July 9 at 7:39pm

Have received following from fellow disc golfer about the Woodmansee course:

Looks like someone is fixin to steal the top portion of basket 7 at woods. The bolt is missing and there is a stick in it's place. Needs imediate attention!

If anybody has a chance to go by and look at and take care of I would appreciate it. May be couple days before I can get there, Thanks


AGRO JACKSON   July 9 at 7:55pm

Bolt has been missing for about a year.. Ira said he took care of it today. FYI

Ira B   July 9 at 8:10pm

yes, it has been taken care of.

Steve Moore   July 9 at 8:18pm

Thank you

Robert 'straight shooter' Jones   July 9 at 10:15pm

Yes there's a new bolt in the basket. I saw the posting when I got home and went to Woods to fix it. I wish something had been posted sooner. Wasted trip, oh well that's life sometime. Thanks Steve for posting the problem and thanks to Ira for repairing it and Agro for letting us know. Have a good evening gentlemen.

Ira B   July 10 at 12:06am

sorry Robert. my bad

Robert 'straight shooter' Jones   July 10 at 12:33am

It's all cool. The main thing is that's it's fixed. I was pleasently suprised when I got to Woods and it was already repaired. Thanks again for stepping up. We need more of that from all that use the courses.