Steve Moore  › Capital City Disc Golf Club   June 29 at 11:53pm

Would it be possible to see the payout charts used for Monday night and Sunday random doubles. Could this possibly be posted somewhere to be seen? Also how many players need to show up before club puts up a free CTP for all to toss at, if ever? And I know at this point not making Monday nights but looking at starting again, possible to know what handicap formula is this year? Thank you

Dallas Trower   June 30 at 12:09am

seems like when there are 30 people 1st pays 17. and when there is 18 people first still pays 17. every week 1st seems to payout 17. haha I dunno how any of it works. I just go for the acepot and to socialize. but I would be curious to also see how the payout system works.

Steven Winslow   June 30 at 12:24am

Steve, I'll show you the handicap formula if you can go 6 months without being an anus. I'll show anyone else who wants to know about the formula, the actual formula at any MNL they attend. Just ask.

Kayla Johnson   June 30 at 12:42am

The club puts out a CTP every week at MNL, regardless of how many participants we get. I post the scores and handicaps to every week. The amount paid out depends on the number of people who buy in, which varies every week. A lot of people have been choosi ... more

AGRO JACKSON   June 30 at 1:04am

I was wondering the same thing. I couldn't ever understand why when I used to play w like 35 people tht I'd only get like 16 bucks for first. When I found out tht fourty percent of buy in was taken automatically I realized why so small payouts. Still 20 percent taken if a paid club member.... Id like to play more but bad investment for a poor guy like me

Steven Winslow   June 30 at 7:45am

Seems like an awesome investment to me. How do you use buy-ins to accommodate the City of Salem's permit and insurance requirements?

Steve Moore   June 30 at 11:48am

Steve Winslow, you just continue to amaze me in your responses to me. Not sure what the issue is but it appears I will never get a good response to questions asked of you. Kayla, thank you for a response but I already am aware of the answers you gave. What I asked for and feel should be availble ... more

AGRO JACKSON   June 30 at 12:41pm

I know capital city does not pay permit fees and insurance for league events so calm down on ur high horse. Also bad mouthing another dger on a public forum when u are representative of a dg club looks really bad for the entire club. Steve has done nothing but promote dg and help the parks in our co ... more

Nathan B   June 30 at 1:26pm

Looks to me as if I need to give a workshop on organizational leadership and social media communication? ;) I'm around for two weeks so I'm here to pitch in. See you Tuesday night cascades.

Steven Winslow   June 30 at 1:46pm

David, you're more than welcome to reach out to the City of Salem. Considering that your actions almost got the entire Woodmansee course removed, perhaps you should go help Steve yourself.

AGRO JACKSON   June 30 at 2:28pm

My actions? When u point a finger ur pointing numerous back at urself. Neither cap city nor chain gang was paying city fees or insurance up to the point of my tourney last year. If thts wht ur referring to them know I was wrong for just following the likes of capital city's mistakes. I don't put on ... more

Kayla Johnson   June 30 at 3:05pm

Some clarification for all: Capital City Disc Golf Club does have an insurance policy which covers all of our events. We also have permits from the City of Salem for all of our leagues and tournaments that we run in city parks.