Alaska Disc Golf Association   June 19 at 2:36pm

AKDGC Course Prep Update...

First and I was walking off the course last night, I felt a huge sense of pride in the work done by ADGA volunteers and how well the course looks. I had not seen hole 3 all day, and to view it from the AM tee after it was down, WOW. With great appreciation, I say to each and every member who took the time to work on Kincaid (and those who brought their own tools) -- THANK YOU!!

Status -- all the mowing is down and the course is playable. However, there are still a few things to be done to make the course stellar for tourney play. That means some touch up weed whacking and wood pile removal. Last night hole 6 was too wet for me to effectively use the Rumble Beast on the right side fairway hill. And there are a few holes that need trimming around the trees (2 left side alders, 5,6,7, 9 for sure). So here is a chance to put on the final touches. Comment below if you are going out to help finish. Call or text me at 207.577.6003 if you have question. Thaddeus and I will be out there after 6 to look at the layout. Thank you again for all your efforts to prep Kincaid for the Championships.


PS...Ask J Boyd about the gentleman visiting from Michigan, its a good story.

Adam Klein   June 19 at 3:07pm

Correction...scratch hole 2, I meant hole 1. Thank you Som.

Jeremy Boyd   June 19 at 5:23pm

While I was working on #12, Michael Pero came through with a gentleman visiting from Michigan. He asked me if I was involved with the local club and I introduced myself as the ADGA VP. He was VERY impressed with the course as well as the dedication of our club in prepping it for states. He compar ... more

Lou Dogg   June 20 at 12:53pm