Steve Moore  › Capital City Disc Golf Club   June 18 at 5:39pm

*** Woodmansee Course Update ***

Just back in from course walk thru with Parks Supervisor and assistant. We came to some verbal agreements for moment which will be turned into written agreements down the line after few more items worked out. I will be point of contact for now for this process of course maintenance agreement with Parks department. Short term this means beginning next week I will be allowed to begin doing some work, volunteers will need to contact me and get proper paperwork signed before doing any work on course. Hopefully mowing of fairways will be moved up parks priority list, if not then may be time consuming weed whacking, will know more on that part end of next week.

It's a start to what I hope will become long term agreement for the best of all park users, not just us. I do have to deal with some naturalists about some of the clearing.

Will keep all up to date and contact me if interested in helping out to keep our course playable and parks department requirements satisfied.

Thank you,


Kayla Johnson   June 18 at 7:09pm

Thank you for all that you're doing Steve. I would however like to make it clear that Steve is doing this as a concerned citizen, and not a representative of Capital City Disc Golf. No agreements are being made by CCDG. All CCDG volunteers will still do the same thing we have done in the past, ther ... more

Steve Moore   June 18 at 8:02pm

I am a concerned disc golfer that wants to see our courses maintained properly. I have not claimed in any way to represent CCDG on my task to get things handled. I tried thru CCDG 2 years ago after having this same meeting with the Parks supervisor then and long story short, nothing came of it. S ... more

Kayla Johnson   June 18 at 8:44pm

I appreciate and support your efforts Steve. I just want our members and volunteers to understand that they still need to go through our channels in order to get their hours counted. Just clarification, not an attack on you. You posted this on CCDG's page, so don't be upset by my response.

Steve Moore   June 18 at 9:17pm

Not upset, just concerned and trying to state facts and updates the best I can. But I will always stand by my comments and try to lead by example and working on getting projects accomplished for benifit of all. I wish it had not come to this but I feel very strong about courses layouts, playabilit ... more

Steve Moore   June 18 at 9:20pm

Also maybe better word out to all your members in better manner might allow us all to know what is going on with CCDG and their projects. It's all good, some more good then others, let's just learn how to all play and work nicely together for the common cause. Thank you