Ypsi Dubs 2014 Summer League - The Original - Tuesdays   June 18 at 3:31pm

Ypsi Dubs Tuesday 6/17 Round: 50 Players

So this is what it must be like to play Disc Golf in Texas - 90 some odd degrees and 222% humidity - Hey no rain and the wind died down and became a nice cool breeze near the end.

Sorry about the delay at the end and the card was finally found and we got the tie breakers done and out of the park before 9:00.

As announced we plan on starting a Indoor Putting League at Buffalo Wild Wings this Fall - Thanks Soup for the hook up.
Watch for more details On DGS but we are looking to do one night in August (between summer league and State Championships) to prove everything out and then start the league up at the end of Sept - probably Tuesday nights each week until Tuesdays start up again at Rolling Hills next Spring.

A big Ypsi Dubs Welcome to:

Matt Huffman
Larry Jones
Ken Bouche - (I must your info wrong as I can not find you on DGS)
Andy Rednour - added to the Tuesday player roster.

Congrats to Wade Calvert for keeping his June Ace streak alive - Aced hole 13 for $180 and 25 points - delayed birthday present Wade congrats.


#1 100% $46 Oid.
#3 50/50 $23 Kyle Decaussin
#5 Reg $10 Danny Fifer
#6 Reg $10 Nate Mullins
#9 Reg $10 Jeff McMillian
#10 Reg $10 Oid .
#17 Disc Foz

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Rolling Hills County Park
Doubles round Short tees, 18 holes
Partners Payout Points
1st -14 40 Pete Boucher and John Blansett $80 46
2nd -14 40 Smitty The angry lefty and Damian Redman $50 46
3rd -14 40 Alex Fiszbein and Chilly Chillson $40 46
4th -12 42 Matt Schooley and Andy Rednour $30 38
5th -12 42 Ken Parks and Geoff Bennett $20 38
6th -12 42 Ken Sailler and Kendell Humly $10 38
6th -12 42 Bob Smart and Oid . $10 38
8th -11 43 Mike "World Champ" Raley and Mike Howard $10 32

Enjoy the Rounds - Peace