Alaska Disc Golf Association   June 17 at 12:46pm

Kincaid tournament prep update...

As of last night, 3 of 18 holes done (awesome job on 16 Lou and Dale, looks super sweet) just three days before the State Championships, the biggest tournament of the year. If you are waiting until the last minute to take care of a hole or two, I hope you will be able to bring your own equipment. Two lawn mowers and a weed whacker is not going to finish 15 holes in three days, the grass is thick and damp on some of the holes.

There are still 4 unclaimed holes. 9 of the holes are claimed by current and former officers. Time to walk the talk your officers need you, in person. If the holes do not get done, let them serve as a reminder that it takes more then the same 5-10 people to run the club, tournaments, club management, fund raise, develop new courses, and maintain all the courses you like to play on (and work full time jobs). LET"S GO and make it happen.


Som Bouasri   June 17 at 1:36pm

#2 is done as of last wed. I was going to check what else needed to be cleaned up on #2 on this wed. I will claim #3 as well and take care of it this wed before league.

Adam Klein   June 17 at 1:48pm

I am out there this afternoon. If I have to work on holes tomorrow night, the hole I am working on will be closed during leagues (if there is a leagues of course).

Dominic Plasencia   June 17 at 2:03pm

I'll be out there this afternoon (tomorrow and thurs too most likely), coordinating for the mower but I'll get my own trimmer for wed/thurs

Adam Klein   June 17 at 2:11pm

Thank you Dom, much appreciated. I look forward to seeing you out there.

Lou Dogg   June 18 at 2:31pm

We need a few hand saws out there. If you have one, please have it with you tonight. Thanks!

Som Bouasri   June 18 at 2:36pm

i have a handsaw and I'll bring a sawzall.