Alaska Disc Golf Association   June 16 at 7:46pm

2014 Alaska Disc Golf Championships Adopt-A-Hole @ Kincaid Course Prep

Calling all ADGA Members--

It is that time of year again. Kincaid has started its seasonal growth spurt which means it is time to prepare the course for States in 4 DAYS. This year we are going to continue the tradition of adopt a hole. Please pick a hole or two to work on, at minimum cutting grass and weeds. We have one weed whacker and two lawn mowers. I will get confirmation of availability from Brian G. So for now claim holes in the comments and I will add to the list. There are a few special projects if anyone is interested in helping there as well (reinforcing area around unsafe tee pads). I found free mulch that can be delivered, and now looking for free D1 gravel and timber 4x4 and/or 6x6. Please contact me if you know where we can get said materials. And call me if you have any questions....207.577.6003


1—Toni O



4—Team Stewart featuring Andrew E.

5—Team PKDG

6—Team PKDG


8—Joe S. and Loren



11—J Boyd

12—J Boyd



15—Lou Dogg and the Cassidy

16—Lou Dogg and the Cassidy

17--Team Budtah

18--Team Budtah

When claiming a hole you are responsible for trash, mowing, weeding, and clearing any dead fall branches to trail edge for chipping. You may remove dead branches from standing trees up to 6 feet, but please leave live branches attached. And NO REMOVAL OF LIVE VEGETATION WITHOUT CONSENT FROM ME. Thank you. If there is a downed tree that needs clearing please identify and we can get a chainsaw out there. Let's make this course as stellar as last year. Thank you all and look forward to seeing you out there.

Adam Klein   June 16 at 7:47pm

Still 4 holes left. We will be out there every evening til Thurs. Come out and join us.

Dale Williams   June 16 at 7:56pm

See you around 6:30! I haven't cliamed a hole, but seeing how there is only so much equipment, I will do with what is there and whomever is there, hope that works = )

Adam Klein   June 16 at 8:40pm

Sounds great, I may have some house mates coming with. Was thinking of hitting the furthest holes out 9-12 at least getting all the dead wood removed from the fairways for mowing. Also, looking in to getting a string mower (weed whacker with a lawn mower sized motor and wheels) will should make it easier on the bumpy wholes.

Lou Dogg   June 17 at 12:26pm

Brian Cassidy and I will be working on #15 today at 6:00. We will be using the clubs 2 red mowers. Thanks!

Adam Klein   June 17 at 12:47pm

Thanks for heads up Lou. Peeps should probably coordinate for the equipment.

Dominic Plasencia   June 18 at 2:18pm

We need a list up on what's finished!

Lou Dogg   June 18 at 2:29pm

I agree. Klein or Boyd, can one of you update us on what has been completed? Off the top of my head I believe numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 9?, 10, 12, 14 (Silky today), 15, 16, 17 and 18 are complete. Is this correct?

Lou Dogg   June 18 at 2:31pm

We need a few hand saws out there. If you have one, please have it with you tonight. Thanks!

Adam Klein   June 18 at 3:20pm

I am doing a walk through as soon as I get there, then will post from Kincaid. 10-12, 15-18 done for sure, except some branches.

Som Bouasri   June 18 at 5:33pm

Do I need to stop by the store to get some twine for my weed whacker or will there be some out there?

Jeremy Boyd   June 18 at 8:59pm

Just got back from Kincaid. I finished hole 10 and 7 this morning, and Team Hilltop came and knocked out 13 and 14. That means that 10-16 are completely done. 5 and 6 are pretty much there, Dom and Chrisdene headed to 9 with the red mowers when I left. This would leave 3, completing a bit more weed eating/mowing on 1, 2, and 4, and maybe some other areas that Adam may have in mind.

Jeremy Boyd   June 18 at 9:00pm

If someone can swing by Brian's the club has two whackers there

Jeremy Boyd   June 18 at 9:09pm

A big thanks to everyone who has come out to help so far, Kincaid looks better every year that we continue to mow it.

Dominic Plasencia   June 19 at 10:56am

I wont be able to make it out today, hopefully there's not much left. I've caught a pretty nasty cold that I need to rest up. Hopefully it doesn't get any worse ;-(

Adam Klein   June 19 at 1:05pm

Thank you for your time Dom. There are only touch ups left like weed whackin and movin wood.

Dominic Plasencia   June 19 at 1:06pm

My pleasure, wish I could have done more

Jeremy Boyd   June 19 at 1:46pm

Make sure you thank Chrisdene for us too Dom, we really appreciated the help. I hope to see you rested and feeling great for states!