CCR Summer Singles League 2014   June 13 at 4:45am

Fitz league round.

Fitz scores
I've uploaded all the scores.... please take a look and make sure your score is there if you played... I might be missing a card or two (i know we did have some DNFs due to rain and people being chicken). I will post points in a few days.
Also, please either write your last name or initial on your scorecard. There is more than one Mike, Nate, Matt, and so forth in the league... I sometimes have to guess or try to remember who I thought you shot with when posting....

Chris Booker   June 13 at 6:47am

sorry Matt, I had a Nate on my Card, but never got his last name.. Maybe Shelton?

Matt Rinker   June 13 at 7:55am


Chris Booker   June 13 at 9:53pm

Matt, i see you have Nate at a +10... i have him at a 65 on the card... a +7

Matt Rinker   June 13 at 10:28pm

yup have not fixed it yet. there are 2 or 3 nates and no one put last initials so I just guessed. Kinda waiting to hear from the others.

Michael Wagner   June 13 at 10:36pm

I seen mine now its gone?

Matt Rinker   June 13 at 11:00pm

i was prob changing nates score when you were looking

Michael Wagner   June 13 at 11:12pm

Oh ok lol :) making sure site wasnt having issues

Glenn Wilson   June 14 at 9:02pm

Im pretty sure Mike I shot +12, I (Glenn W) shot +13, dj s shot +18. and Bryan g shot +22... could be wrong but I think thats what wehad

Matt Rinker   June 15 at 6:36am

Glenn. Were you basing your scores in par 54 or 58?

Matt Rinker   June 15 at 11:25pm

Glenn, I'm going off what you have written on the card. I only have half your scores, I assumes the card was too wet to continue writing. You guys wrote, Mike +13, DJ +18 Bryan +24 Glenn +14. So looks like Mikes is the only on incorrect

Glenn Wilson   June 16 at 11:38am