Steve Moore  › Capital City Disc Golf Club   June 8 at 2:58pm

So went to Keizer today and it needs work and cleanup pretty bad. Also see practice basket is still missing top portion and all chains due to that. Also hole 4 is still missing all but 1 outer and a bunch of inner chains. I am curious as to status of my 10 dollar donation and any other collected either at Tiger discs or else wise. Curious as to how much was collected and spent and when will they be back together. Thank you


Robert 'straight shooter' Jones   June 8 at 3:25pm

Steve the last thing I know about this situation is that I gave Mike Wilson a club check for $85.00 to pay for the chains. The last thing I heard was that they were trying to chase down the rimgs that hold the chains. I was advised that they had the chains. Hope this helps, Mike Wilson or Jason should be able to answer this in a my informed way. Hope that helps with your questions. Robert

Steve Moore   June 8 at 3:27pm

As usual thank you very much for your input and response. As usual just trying to find out if projects are finished and what condition our courses are in. Glad to hear from you and hope paths cross somewhere.

Robert 'straight shooter' Jones   June 8 at 3:30pm

My bad, should proof read better. Should have said "in a more informed way."