Alaska Disc Golf Association   May 27 at 8:54pm

2014 Alaska Disc Golf Championships Adopt-A-Hole @ Kincaid Course Prep

Calling all ADGA Members--

It is that time of year again. Kincaid has started its seasonal growth spurt which means its time to prepare the course for States in a little over 3 weeks. This year we are going to continue the tradition of adopt a hole. Please pick a hole or two to work on, at minimum cutting grass and weeds. We have two weed whackers and a lawn mower. I will get confirmation of availability from Brian G. So for now claim holes in the comments and I will add to the list. There are a few special projects if anyone is interested in helping there as well (reinforcing area around unsafe tee pads). I found free mulch that can be delivered, and now looking for free D1 gravel and timber 4x4 and/or 6x6. Please contact me if you know where we can get said materials. And call me if you have any questions....207.577.6003





4—Team Stewart featuring Andrew E.




8—Joe S. and Loren



11—J Boyd

12—J Boyd


14—Team Hilltop

15—Lou Dogg and the Cassidy

16—Lou Dogg and the Cassidy

17--Team Budtah

18--Team Budtah

When claiming a hole you are responsible for trash, mowing, weeding, and clearing any dead fall branches to trail edge for chipping. You may remove dead branches from standing trees up to 6 feet, but please leave live branches attached. If there is a down tree that needs clearing please identify and we can get a chainsaw out there. Let's make this course as stellar as last year. Thank you all and look forward to seeing you out there.


Dominic Plasencia   May 28 at 11:39pm

Hole 5 & 6 Team PKDG

Jeremy Boyd   May 29 at 10:31am

That leaves just 5 holes everybody, who wants em?

Adam Klein   May 29 at 12:46pm

Team Hilltop is taking 13, which fills the back nine

Toni Osiecki   May 30 at 8:05pm

#1 for MissToniRae