Ypsi Dubs 2014 Summer League - The Original - Tuesdays   May 13, 2014 at 10:11pm

Ypsi Dubs Tuesday 5/13 Round: Get'n Lucky

What rain? Well it keep some players away but 30 die-hards were rewarded with a great evening of disc golf. We managed to get the round in with only a few drops which helped to keep the humidity up and made some extra sticky to the chains. Aces!.

I'd like to Welcome Yusuf Yanikoglu (YY) to the Ypsi Dubs Roster. And I'd like to nominate Alyse Avery once again for Disc Golf Ambassador for the round. Helping the new player feel welcome and I was "Smitten" (had to be there ;-) with her great insights to leagues and tournament play & etiquette, and a awesome summary of rules and insights on what to expect while playing leagues with different types of players - all to enjoy both tournaments and leagues. It was great to throw another round with you Alyse, and you as well Yusuf & Kyle. - besides she carried me the whole round - Thanks Alyse. You aren't GONE but it's fun to welcome you back each week ;-)

Talking about fun - Hole 8 was Ace City tonight for both samuel Samsquanch smith & Mateo Lawry. Both hitting the same hole to split the Ace Pool for $64 each and an extra 25 points on the leaderboard. Nice Shots Gents.

Jeff Lozowsky took the 100% CTP on hole 1 for $30 which also helped secure first place as well with -15 teamed up with The Angry Lefty - Smitty.

Hole 3 Mateo Lawry - Ypsi Dubs YD Stamped Challenger
Hole 6 Matt Becker - for the Reg $10
Hole 11 - Smitty takes the Ypsi Dubs YD Stamped Crank
Hole 16 - samuel Samsquanch smith - 50/50 for $15

Top positions cashing or playing for last cash:

Partners Payout Points
1ST -15 39 Jeff Lozowsky and Smitty The angry lefty $60 32
2ND -13 41 Ben Calhoun and Ken Parks $40 28
3RD -11 43 Sam Smith and steve tubbert $30 18
4TH -11 43 Bobby Mcaleer and Jeffrey McMillian $20 18
5TH -11 43 Ken Moote and Matt Schooley - 18
5TH -11 43 John Blansett and Mike Stratford - 18
5TH -11 43 Matt Becker and Mike "World Champ" Raley - 18

Enjoy the rounds and stay dry....... or get Wet & Wild - Peace.................

Kyle Stevens   May 14, 2014 at 12:49pm

awesome foz its always fun