Capital City Renegades   April 24 at 8:39am

Jbird tonight


Davis _   April 24 at 8:58am

must be thursday

Beth Grost   April 24 at 9:20am

Be sure to take BUG SPRAY with you! The bugs have returned.......

Matt Rinker   April 24 at 9:34am

Thanks for the heads up

Beth Grost   April 24 at 9:53am

No problem! On Monday after we women played, I was feeling a bit anemic due to blood-sucking parasites! :o)

Philip lyon   April 24 at 11:54am

what time?!

Matt Rinker   April 24 at 12:09pm

Tee at 6

Dan Hultin   April 24 at 2:49pm

Whats this for? Thursday dubs somewhere?

Davis _   April 24 at 5:49pm

jay bird hosts a bi-weekly doubles at his house. its tons of fun.

Michael Wagner   April 24 at 9:53pm

im down too donate lol :)