Chain Gang Disc Golf   April 23 at 4:54pm

Baskets moved at woodmansee

1 long 2 right 3 long 4 top of hill 5 left 6 long 7 long 8 short 9 long . Enjoy and we'll cya Tuesday at 5

Dallas Trower   April 23 at 5:26pm

prolly haven't played woods in 6-9 months. I'm stoked for some good ol Tuesday 2'$.

Rick Saffeels   April 23 at 10:24pm

Ruff layout! Haha especially with 6's new teepad placement. :)

AGRO JACKSON   April 24 at 1:16pm

Gotta love it!! Was in easy layout for a couple months! ;)

AGRO JACKSON   April 24 at 1:18pm

Me too trower!!! Really excited!!