Hudson Springs DGC Tues Night Scrambles   April 23 at 12:17pm

Congrats Mr. Mike Thomas

Mike has graduated and will be playing A from now on. Let it be written let it be known!

Jon DeCapua   April 23 at 12:20pm

Oh yeah, Ol' Greg is pretty good too and the ace funds over two bills.

Mike Thomas   April 23 at 12:36pm

lmao! it wouldn't have happened without Greg!

Don Thomas   April 23 at 1:25pm

No more training wheels for you!!!! ;)

Michael Emerick   April 23 at 2:11pm


Chris Warfield   April 23 at 2:14pm

congratz on tieing my record ;)

Mike Hammontree   April 23 at 3:10pm

'Bout time Thomas!

Mike Thomas   April 23 at 4:02pm

thanx guys but I'm standing with B+. and thanx Chris but 2 holes got us, but I'm happy with a tie!

PK Deaner   April 23 at 6:13pm

Mike Thomas?

PK Deaner   April 23 at 6:13pm

He's been an A player for 2 years

Mike Thomas   April 23 at 6:48pm

lmao not the one that shows up at Parma!