Steve Moore  › Capital City Disc Golf Club   April 21 at 3:39pm

I believe this should link to round 3 lead card video. It is not edited, just pieces put into one file for the moment. Will be working on some better edited stuff shortly. If anyone interested in obtaining any footage I have let me know.

Thanks all for putting up with my amateur attempts at this, all new to me this video stuff.

Steve Moore

Matt Bressler   April 21 at 4:06pm

Looks great Steve. Gunna watch the whole thing tonight after work. Thanks for the footage.

Brady "Church" Reese   April 21 at 7:12pm

Footage looks good Steveu2026FYIu2026nobody is interested in footage of everyone's formu2026in other words, on the drive, we wana see the disc in the air goin towards the basketu2026if anyone happened to ace, we wouldnu2019t have even seen itu2026 Just food for thought for future filmingu2026keep up the good work.

Steve Moore   April 21 at 7:31pm

Thanks for the input Brady, always willing to take ideas and even use some of them. I'm hoping to expand my knowledge and abilities as time goes on. I have more testing of type of shots I can get with using my newly designed camera protection device. Set it behind baskets and hopefully get shot downfairway of disc coming in. More to come in future, gotta start somewhere.

Brandon Zastoupil   April 22 at 11:42am

If you had a clamp set up you could probably attach it to the tee posts looking out at the shot, great job I loved being ale to watch, thanks again Steve