Alaska Disc Golf Association   April 9 at 5:38pm

Da Goon

If any of you have played the Goon in the last 24 hours (preferably today), can you please give me an update on the course? Please be specific. It sounds like it's a mess out there.

Joe Schacht   April 9 at 5:45pm

Let's have it at caid!!?

Tay Harling   April 9 at 5:54pm

Yeah the goons a mess. I agree on caid.

Lou Dogg   April 9 at 6:18pm

Ok. Neither of these were helpful. I'm looking for any troubled holes that could be said to be "unplayable". If there is 1 basket that is unplayable we can always use the practice basket. If there are two that are unplayable we can use a temp basket on another look. We're not packing up and moving to another course 4 hours before the scheduled round. Sounds like boots are a must!

Brian Cassidy   April 9 at 6:34pm

Maybe even hip waders!

Joe Schacht   April 9 at 6:37pm

Hip waders

Lou Dogg   April 9 at 7:54pm

Cassidy, do you even own a pair? Haha! Actually, that's not funny. Sorry for your loss. :-(

Brian Cassidy   April 9 at 8:01pm

Well... I do have a really old pair that are so heavy I'm not sure I would have the strength to make it through the front nine. Maybe we should all just play barefoot tonight and the toughest team will come out on top

Lou Dogg   April 9 at 8:29pm

Haha! I'm DOWN!!!