Alaska Disc Golf Association   April 6 at 3:32am

2014 Alaska Tournament Schedule

Sat May 10 Shorebird Showdown Singles MPDGC Jack Gist

Sat May 17 Kenai Challenge Singles MPDGC Kenai Eagle

Sat May 24 Forest Fling Singles MPDGC Gwood

Sat May 31 Trilogy Singles MSDGA Alcantra

Sat Jun 7 Hilltop Doubles Troubles Doubles HSADG Hilltop

Sat-Sun Jun 14-15 Gangster Branch Open Singles MPDGC Moose

Fri-Sun Jun 20-22 AKDGC-States Singles ADGA Kincaid

Sat Jun 28 Solstice Showdown FDGA Fairbanks

Fri-Sun Jul. 4-6 King of the Hill Singles HSADG Hilltop

Sat Jul 12 Skinny Raven Class Singles ADGA Russian Jack

Sat Jul 19 Rally in the Valley Singles MSDGA Alcantra

Sat. Jul 26 Mosquito Blood Drive FDGA Fairbanks

Sat Jul 26 Jailhouse Roc Singles ADGA PC

Sat Aug 2 Healing Hearts HSADG Hilltop

Sun Aug 3 Ace Race Singles HS/ADGA Hilltop

Aug. 9-10

Sat Aug 16 Alcantra Open Singles MSDGA Alcantra

Aug 17

Sun Aug 24 Anchorage Dubs Doubles ADGA PC

Sat-Sun Aug 30-31 Fairbanks Open Singles FDGA

Sat Sep 6

Sat-Sun Sep 13-14 Tall Grass Open Singles MPDGC Moose Pretzel

Sat Sep 20 Kenai Eagle Open Singles MPDGC Kenai

Sat Sep 26 Ace Race Singles FDGA Fairbanks

Sat-Sun Oct 4-5 Season Finale Doubles ADGA Kincaid

Sat-Sun Oct 11-12 Season Finale & Banquet Singles ADGA Kincaid

Oct 18

Sat Oct 25 Termination Dust Bowl Singles MPDGC Jack Gist

Joe Schacht   April 6 at 4:17am

Sat July 26!?

Adam Klein   April 6 at 5:54am

What are you exclaiming/questioning?

Thad Murgatroyd   April 6 at 2:09pm

That looks awesome . No problem in getting your dg fix this yr . Throw in leagues and there is organised Alaska dg almost every day of the week . Awesome!!!

Joe Schacht   April 6 at 2:10pm

Two tourneys on the same day!!!?

Adam Klein   April 6 at 2:51pm

Yes that was a concern....although the Mos. Blood Drive is a one day non sanctioned event. Are you seriously considering driving up to Fairbanks for the day to play that event? The Jailhouse Roc TD considered the schedule, and wanted his event in July. Thus July 26th.

Adam Renfro   April 6 at 11:41pm

holy **** Alaska disc golf is organized! I should have stayed one more year Lol. quite an impressive line up of sanctioned events as well, I don't think vancouver/portand area has half as many sanc events. well done and kudos to everyone's hard work and dedication to the game!!!!

Adam Klein   April 7 at 4:12am

Hey Fro!! Great to see you post. Yes, there are definitely some motivated players here. You should see what Tre Jones and Greg Rouse have been up to in the valley. Team Buddah (Butter lol) is doing great things in Homer with Jack Gist and Moose Pretzel played awesome last summer. Hilltop steppin up ... more

Greg Rouse   April 8 at 5:32am

Oh yeah and in case anyone missed the announcement- doubles every Thursday night and handicapped singles every Sunday morning. And the majority of these events will be on a much more advanced 18 hole alcantra (14, I think it is, will shoot to an obscured basket that is around 400 feet uphill and to the right.) A legit par 4 at little ol' Alcantra?!

Adam Klein   April 8 at 9:20pm

chuckle....Alcantra not so little anymore, its all growd up

Greg Rouse   April 9 at 12:19am

I have been accused of over-hyping. But seriously, there are elements of PC and Kincaid going into this new course. And just wait until you see the course we build next year...

Adam Klein   April 9 at 2:58am

Can't wait...still trying find time to get out there before I leave. Plus, Thad and John T. walked me through the new nine holes at Hilltop. Some great stuff happening there. What an exciting year.

Josh Jones   May 1 at 4:12pm

I just looked at this, and you are wrong about the Mosquito Blood Drive, you must not have paid attention to the original schedule I compiled. Please see my post I made today.