Night Moose Nights 2014   April 5 at 5:31pm

April 10th

We will be playing at Lakeshore again this week and the forecast says 70!!!! Willow is holding water and it is messy out there so for the time being we will be playing at Lakeshore.

Ben Calhoun   April 5 at 5:38pm

Maybe it won't be freezing rain!

Jason Adamski   April 5 at 7:48pm

We can hope, but probably 70 and 40mph winds.

Jason Adamski   April 5 at 9:40pm

At willow still

Jason Adamski   April 6 at 7:08am

Wrong post we will be at Lakeshore this week. Free CTP when you buy in to ace pool. If we have 10 or more there will be 2 prize CTPs for everyone who buys into ace po no extra charge. Player gets choice out of prize box.

Jason Adamski   April 6 at 7:09am