Nate Upton    March 16 at 6:17pm

Go Oregon! Spank those Mormons!

Mr CLEAN   March 28 at 1:40pm

i am heavly considering a ride to your place this summer, any suggestions on what tourneys i shouid show up for? what dates work for you?

Nate Upton   March 28 at 2:03pm

Any date works for me man, the biggest tournament this summer is CCR Open, its an A Teir, the pros all come out. Huge tournament.

Mr CLEAN   March 28 at 3:32pm

sleepy hollow state park & burchfield park i see are near you...

Mr CLEAN   March 28 at 3:49pm

id like to come during the "disc girls gone wild"? i asume there will be glow rounds and rounds for caddy's?

Nate Upton   March 28 at 3:52pm

disc girls is a blast, there's no official caddy rounds, but there some glow rounds, the campground is right behind thw course, so there's some partying and stuff

Mr CLEAN   March 28 at 4:11pm

would we be able todo casual rounds after tourney? lincoln park looks killer too and there is a byo doubles toureny there

Nate Upton   March 28 at 4:26pm

I haven't played Lincoln yet, but yeah, the rounds are done around 6, we can do casual and glow afterwards.