2014 Red Hills DG Bag Tag League   March 16, 2014 at 4:51pm



The top of the leaderboard is constantly changing. There have been some good battles at the top. Don't forget, eventhough only tags 1-3 are numbered, you can still check your position on Disc Golf Scene. keep posting those matches!!

Top 3, as of now, are Layfield, Waterbury, and Patton respectively. @robasse is 4, Jhendo 5, Thorny 6, Crews 7, Case, 8, Matty Y 9, JP 10, Stringer 11, Meyer Lemon 12, Agrillo 13, Jedi 14, Taron 15, Nealeo 16

Let's keep the battles goin.

Feed The Chains...They Need Constant Nourishment