Dan Whitlock    March 13 at 2:39pm

I am contemplating trying to start a Saturday night Glow league this summer at WaterWorks. Is there any interest?

Bo Fought   March 13 at 3:20pm

I would be interested, maybe MBD as well on occassion?

Dan Whitlock   March 13 at 3:29pm

Travelling would be an option if enough interest were shown. I would want to keep it localized to Pirate's Bay for the most part though. Lakeshore and Brown offer easy alternatives ... maybe a once a month variant to another course?

Bo Fought   March 13 at 3:57pm

Works for me, nice to mix it up every once in a while. What about the Police at WW? Any idea if/when the park officially closes at night?

Dan Whitlock   March 13 at 4:12pm

I am going to work on a proposal to get approval from the city. The park closes at dusk I believe.

Ben Calhoun   March 13 at 6:52pm

Closes at very hard to get away with in the middle of summer.

Robert Shaffer   March 13 at 7:11pm

i would be interested and fyi we shot gloe there alot last summer and no issues

Floyd Hampp   March 13 at 10:29pm

I agree with Shaffer. anytime we ever played, either the cops left us alone or they just saw we were playing and moved on. I'm down for it!

Ben Calhoun   March 14 at 1:04pm

Whatever, I'm playing. I know several people said they got told to leave last summer. So it will happen occasionally, plan for that.

Dan Whitlock   March 14 at 4:20pm

Indeed, which is why I want to create a proposal to get approval from the city to be there after park hours.

samuel smith   March 14 at 8:57pm

can you post the denial online.

Robert Shaffer   March 14 at 9:08pm

my only fear of letting them know what we are doing is .. they my start looking for us if they told us no

samuel smith   March 14 at 9:27pm

unless your putting money in there pocket its probly getting denied

Dan Whitlock   March 14 at 10:00pm

Well, I hope to find a way to generate money specifically for the park/course itself. We'll see. Maybe just play a few weeks to see how it goes and take it from there.