Saucing Flyers DGC   March 5 at 6:05pm

Saucing Flyers Bag Tag League

Most of you know that the spring/summer bag tag league death star is currently operational. This league wont have postings. Updates will be posted on this news feed, and through posts at the Hood River Disc Golf Course. Your $5 buy in is going to some awesome stuff. League/club collared shirts will be ready as soon as 10 tags are sold. The shirts will have the players name on the back, and a club/league logo on the front. James, and myself are dedicated to creating an awesome disc golf club here in Hood River, and we are both excited to help grow the greatest sport in the world.

Here are the current tags that are out, and the members who bought in. I mistakingly sold tag 6 which belongs to Parkdale Kris. So....oops. Sorry Kris. You get tag 7. Sue me. HAHAHAHAA! Kidding. please dont.

#1- Victor Cervantes

#2- Tim Aviar

#3- Nick Orr

#4- Stix

#5- James Anderson

#6- Rick James, ****

#7- Parkdale Kris

Estherhouse -   March 8 at 7:07pm

I'm a closeted lawyer Chris. Just sayin.