Wingers & Flingers   February 21, 2014 at 5:51pm

Water Hazard Round!

So.....since we had to cancel the ace race for tmr at Loo...and since I know peeps will still show up from the flyers cuz they never got a cancelation notice....a few of us will still be out there at 9am to do some kind of crazy safari round to dodge the tree hazards and some of the water...YOU WILL PROBLY STILL GET WET!

I know some folks were wanting to still play for something so here ya go:

3 divisions...

Cash division = $10 buy in

Plastic division = Decent (preferably new) little to no ink disc buy in

Casual = no buy in

We hope to be throwing by 9:30am ish.....SEE YA ON THE WATER!