PANAMA CITY CHAIN GANG   February 2, 2014 at 11:09pm

March Midnight Mayhem Matchup - 03/08/14

Alright, this event is still in its infancy, but as of right now this is what was arranged with housing at Compass Lake for those of you staying overnight:

Cabin Rentals: $50 incl tax (Max 4-6 persons per cabin) {That's -$15 from original}
RV camping: $19 incl tax
Tent camping: $2

There are 9 cabins total that are empty on the schedule right now, but as it gets closer (and with spring break approaching) they will fill up fast. That said, please let me know if you will be requiring a cabin as soon as you can. I can't make any promises if you wait until the last minute!

Green fees are waived if you are staying overnight.
Green fees are required for players only attending the day rounds.

I'm currently contacting CLH about utilizing their restaurant for our dining needs (for those of us that will be staying that long). Hopefully we can get a nice food discount.

As of now, there is not an entry fee for the event. Here's a rough outline of what's to be expected:

1:00 - Club Singles 18 Holes - Tee off
3:30 - Club Doubles 18 Holes - Tee off
6:00 - Players break for eating/etc.
8:30 - Night Random Doubles 18 Holes - Tee off (non-club specific)
11:00 - Late Night Shenanigans

This will be a very informal event with bragging rights on the line.... What region will go home winners?!

Again, please keep in mind that this is in its very early stages of development. This outline is subject to change depending on criteria. If you have any ideas/comments/concerns/questions please feel free to contact me on here or call/text 229-805-7273.

I'll do my best to keep the event posted with the latest information available.

Let's pull all of the stops out on this one and put PC Chain Gang on the map! :)