The Abominable Snowmen (and Women) League   January 29, 2014 at 10:16pm

A couple of firsts tonight . . .

I went out for a round to shovel, salt, and play a round before league. I met up with a couple guys who will be joining in some league fun again in spring. We got to the 8th hole and Dominic decided he would shovel off that tee. He finished shovelling and I stepped up, threw my flick and parked the hole. I walked off the tee and started coughing. That's not surprising as I have probably eaten a couple hundred cough drops in the last week with the cold I have had. I coughed so hard and for long enough that I actually puked. I couldn't continue on for fear I would go through another coughing fit and I am sure the shovelling and salting didn't help the situation so Dominick Salas and Nic Howard . . . thank you for continuing on with the teepads despite not even playing in the league.

I just went to my car and relaxed eating more cough drops hoping the coughing wouldn't return. . . and it didn't . . . at least not to that degree so I decided I would still play in league.

Another first happened in my group during league . . . and it happened on Hole #8 also . . . Tim Nelson stepped up and throw a slight anhyzer that turned right and then straightened out and went into the basket . . . that was Tim's first ace in 3 years of playing. We all celebrated and I told him that aces will just start to drop like flys now.

Another first on the night was an adjusted score that was below 50 . . . Tim shot a (-2) but his (-3) handicap took him to a (-5) 49. That is the first adjusted score below 50.

Here are the adjusted handicaps for week #10. I should be there this week before heading out of town, but do not want my absence to stop this league so you guys can continue to keep coming on Wednesdays and playing your round at 6:00 PM or if there are a couple people who run late, you can start later or just let them play their rounds after you. I will simply need one person to report all scores and aces to me so I can record the scores while I am on the road.

Week 10 Handicaps

Dustin Bocek (-3)
Chad Niezgoda (+3)
Tim Nelson (-1)
Mike Harrington (+5)
Brad Weber (+6)
Brian Allender (+3)
Nick Williams (+1)
Josh Davies (+1)
Greg Weber (-1)
Brian Williams (0)
Scott Slauson (+9)
Colin Huff (+3)
Shaun Kirchner (0)
Jesse Dixon (+2)
Ben Burdick (+1)
Mark Olver (-3)

Mike Harrington   January 30, 2014 at 12:00am

Correction . . . Jesse Dixon's score was entered incorrectly adjusting some points and payout. It also caused me to over adjust his handicap this week. He is a (+3) for next week not a (+2).