Bill "The Ninja" Savage  › 5th Annual Punderson Ice Bowl   January 24 at 3:23pm

Ribbon'd up,....... Discs' outside acclimatizing............... canned goods bagged................ I'd say I am ready for the am!

Bob Becker   January 24 at 3:28pm

lets do this!

Bob Becker   January 24 at 3:29pm

acclimatizing.......can I use that one in Scrabble?

Bill "The Ninja" Savage   January 24 at 4:43pm

triple word bonus!

Larry Bright Jr.   January 24 at 5:34pm

1-3" tonight and 1-3" tomorrow is what i'm hearing. hoping it's the low end of this scale lol

eric " Sharky " boyd   January 24 at 6:17pm

Make sure you bring decent footware !

Larry Bright Jr.   January 24 at 7:18pm

after last week at the oz, that will be key. not wearing the same shoes i had on then, that's for sure

Cup Cake   January 24 at 9:22pm

Foot Warmers! Hand Warmers!