Southside Slackers 2014 Winter/Spring League   January 17, 2014 at 1:04pm

Noonan Blind Doubles 9AM Jan20th

Slacker Tri-Week Blind Noonan Doubles

Standard rules for Southside Slackers League apply.
$5 buy-in. 4 CTPs (TBD). $1 Ace fund to be tossed off from hole 7’s tee to hole 18’s pin if not hit.

This is a blind draw event that will run like normal rules with the following exceptions. You can do whatever you wish to distract the other team, i.e. talk, sing, or dance. You cannot get between the thrower and the basket (this includes throwing or placing anything between the player and the basket). Give the player a 5 foot window to move freely and safely. You can stand on the back side of the basket, but if they miss and you are hit then you take a stroke.

Each team will get one of the following:

Mulligan: This is a standard mulligan. If you don’t like either drive off the tee, then you can both re-throw.

Shadow Drive: A shadow drive is where a team can use the other teams drive off of the tee box. Essentially both teams use the best of the four drives. Exception: This cannot be used on hole 11.

Blind Man’s putt or Guide Dog putt: When the opposing team’s disc lands within 30 ft. of the basket you can call Guide Dog Putt. This forces your opponents to choose one player to make the putt. This is the only shot that they get from this lay. The player putting faces with their back to the basket and is blind folded. The putter’s team mate gives verbal instructions to the putter to help him line up for the shot. Then the putter makes his shot. If he misses then normal play resumes from the place where the disc lands.

Arrive early to get signed in so we can start on time. See you there.