Alaska Disc Golf Association   January 11, 2014 at 4:18pm

January Meeting Minutes

ADGA Annual Meeting
January 7, 2014
7p – Dimond Center Mall

Attending: Lou Dogg, Adam K, Jordan T, Edan B, Pat M, Toni O, Tre J, Joe S, Jake H, Josh S, Henry C, Sev K, Tim K, John T, Eric H, Will H, Thad M, Jeremy B, Shay S, Brian G, Dale W, James B, Thad G (phone), Kurtis S (phone), Josh J (Phone), Charlie A. (Phone), Ian D (Phone), Andrew D (phone: 8pm, question)

Mission/Purpose: “promoting the sport of disc golf” No geographic location specified in articles of incorporation, in Anchorage according to bylaws, but geographic location has expanded in past seven years.
Tim K (ADGA member #4)
ADGA formed in 2002 around Westchester, then PC/Kincaid, grown more since then
Some good things happening in smaller localities around the state because there is more room for growth
Started with some good leadership, collective trust (Steve Orlando-brought in bylaws from previous club from Dayton, OH)
Began in order to organize tournaments and leagues as players grew more serious

Tournament report
Brian-Ice Bowl/Turkey: ADGA pays for prizes, collect turkeys for donation
1200+ lbs donated
$540: to food bank of Alaska
Brian-States: pay outs were posted so people knew what to expect
LouDogg-Jailhouse: did not pay for course rental, fees waived because of labor recognized
Tim + Jeremy – Russian Jack: went well, first time TDs-reportedly learned a lot, lost a little money
Adam-State doubles/ADGA Finale: would've been better if added to DG Scene to register tournament, a lot of time bogged down by people asking questions that they could be informed of beforehand
Edan-Pretzel, Jack Gist, Kenai, Girdwood: entry fees were $30-50, more sponsors would help, good attendance and increasing, putting/ring of fire contests-$ went to PC Project, goal is to break even
Thad-Hilltop: hard to make a profit/break even on, costs $$$ to mow and he gives to players, concerned that Hilltop hasn't been given more attention for tournaments, Thad M was course contact in 2013
Fairbanks: they have good things going on, sport is growing, new course at UAF, four tournaments planned for 2014 (3 - PDGA sanctioned)
Edan reports that Juneau plans on the Greatland Cup again - JDGA pays out all cash
Course Maintenance report
PC given lots of attention this year
Still mulch piles to spread, pull out some dead fall, trim
Course is dedicated to Fletcher Armstrong
Labor out there seems recognized and appreciated
Good rapport built and collaborative effort to keep up
Fees to rent the course were waived on every tournament because they were thankful for the efforts put out there
Relationship with Parks and Rec
Homer: very good, Fairbanks: very good
Anchorage: bigger, they prefer to deal with a single person, its a little messier and the process is more difficult to make proposals and build courses
requests for more rec courses in Anchorage: there are ideas, but no plans for action yet
there needs to be leadership that can lead effort to build a course, that leader would be the P/R contact for that course
consider approaching P/R to ask where it would be appropriate as opposed to asking what about here, what about here
Homer: field trip to Jack Gist following 3 week curriculum
3 week long PE unit to 3-6th graders: 5 hole course 2x/week
Tre-EDGE: will get curriculum soon for 3-5th grade, will approach elementary schools
BGC Anchorage: hot shot event
accepting nominations for the next week
Pres, VP, Sec, Treasury, Tournament Coordinator
Send nominations to Lou Dogg
vote on DG Scene
incumbents have not YET accepted to run again
last day to nominate: 1/14/14
elections: run from 1/16/14-1/31/14
only CURRENT ADGA members will be sent an email to vote
insurance ($1083-went up from last year)
Tre told Lou Dogg intentions of MatSu DGC and $800 needed for insurance, Lou Dogg approached board, ADGA supported MatSu by adding to insurance
Tre: you're doing great stuff G!
planning on 2 sanctioned events
Other local clubs are insured by ADGA insurance
Other $
ADGA $ has been spent on course maintenance and construction
ADGA marketing is great for fundraising-consider sweatshirts and stuff
avg numbers
Homer: 5-15
MatSu: 7-20
Wed/Sat Anchorage leagues contribute to ADGA
other localities and Tues/Th leagues are casual, no park permission, no contribution to ADGA
Sat PDGA leagues-Brian G: $5, 15 players last week
if your want to do a tournament, approach the club and necessary contacts, make a request at a monthly meeting
States-June 20, 21, 22: B Tier, emphasis on 'premiere tournament in state' to encourage participation from lower 48
3 days: 1 round per day, 18 holes at Kincaid
Pro/$100, Am/$75, Junior/$35
didn't plan on Rec division as of now, this is state champs yo!
would like chalet but has not been option in past per Brian
Tee times?
trying to bringing more sponsorship-10% of sponsor $ could go to course maintenance?
raffle, field games, sweatshirts to make the tournament the best
Maybe Ams could be 3 rounds but 2 days and Pros could do a 3 day tournament
need a 'team' to support and organize the state tournament
great facility, players well supported by Rick
final tournament round for conclusion or big King of the Hill weekend
tee pads could use work, especially to showing players from lower 48
Rick rents baskets from ADGA ($700+ annually)
Adam K: volunteers to work on 2 tee pads
Jack Gist
3 ADGA baskets
why are they there: couldn't store them anymore
group decided that it is not good use to spend $1000 on rental unit for storage when they could be in the ground on a free public course
other baskets purchased personally
6 bought by Homer businesses
well supported by the community
Josh Jones: State Coordinator
Lou Dogg: Anchorage
Edan, Kurtis, Pat Miller: Homer
Tre Jones: MatSu
Brian Gutz: Park/Rec contact, PDGA leagues
Tim K: Russian Jack/Westchester
Thad Gunther: state champs contact
Matt (Ugly): Juneau
Ian Dolphin: Kenai
Charlie A: Strongside DG-Fairbanks
Josh Jackson: Girdwood
Ellen: Healy (49th State Brewery)
Tyler Katzmar: APU
Rick Cramer: Hilltop
Overgrown rough course in Seward at a school: no contact
Boyd, Klein, Thad M-could be tournament contacts in future
Upcoming Tournaments
February: Ice Bowl-Lou Dogg
5/10: Shorebird Showdown-Pat M
5/24: Forest Fling-Kurtis
6/14-15: Gangster Branch Open-Edan
6/21-23: AKDGC -Thad G
6/28: Solstice Showdown-Fairbanks-Bobb L
7/19: Mat-Su #1
7/26-27: Mosquito Blood Drive-Fairbanks-Josh J
8/30-31: Fairbanks Open-Josh J
9/30-31: Tall Grass Open-Edan
9/28: Ace Race-Fairbanks
10/11-12: Season Finale-Adam K
10/25: Termination Dust Bowl-Pat M
11/22: Turkey Tourney-Brian
Tournaments that still need to be scheduled:
Russian Jack, AK State Doubles, Jailhouse, King of the Bowl, King of the Hill, Kenai Eagle Open, Mat-Su #2, Greatland Cup
Josh Stewart volunteers to help anyone in any way with tournaments
Next Meeting
First Tuesday in February: 2/4/14, 7pm
Elections results will be shared

Adam Klein   January 12, 2014 at 1:38pm

Edan I would like to do the AK State Dubs the week end of Oct. 4-5, the weekend before Season Finale

kurtis schoenberg   January 12, 2014 at 3:06pm

Back to back weekends?

Adam Klein   January 13, 2014 at 4:09am

Sure, why way we do not have to cram dubs and singles in to 2 days

kurtis schoenberg   January 13, 2014 at 4:49pm

just think it might be tough for out of towners. You are the TD though so make it rain AK.

Adam Klein   January 13, 2014 at 6:50pm

That is an excellent point, just puttin the thought out there...let's see how the rest of the scheduling turns out. Btw...I prefer to make it sunny!

WILL HARRISON   January 14, 2014 at 9:02pm

I also have been in contact with edge and have also tried to gather support for working with boys and girls club of anchorage. they would be extremely open to indoor clinics with their membership. Also I have registered the vibram birdie bash for peters creek on april 20th. I would like to see and h ... more