Alaska Disc Golf Association   January 8 at 3:56pm

Current Members

What up all? In preparation for the upcoming elections, I would like to see if my list of current ADGA members is indeed accurate. If you've renewed already and you don't see your name on the list below, please let me know and I'll go through my notes again. Thanks!

Andrew Rogers

Brad Larson

Casimir Abramczyk

Derek Meier

Eric Hepola

Greg Roberts

Greg Rouse

Ian Dolphin

James Beckner

Jeremy Boyd

Jordan Thies

Josh Stewart

Ken Butler

Louie Orozco

Luke Monyer

Mike Miles

Pat Miller

Shay Stewart

Tay Harling

Thad Murgatroyd

Toni Osiecki

Tre Jones

Please note: You MUST be a current ADGA member for the 2014 season if you would like to vote. Also, after THIS Saturday League (1/11/14), if you're not current you will pay the non-member fee.

Thad Murgatroyd   January 8 at 4:16pm

Louie , Rick will be calling you to renew today

Justin Lawson   January 8 at 4:23pm

louie i paid on sat for another year

Dale Williams   January 8 at 5:21pm

I paid last Saturday

Lou Dogg   January 8 at 7:12pm

I hadn't updated my sign up sheets from Saturday so I apologize for that. I added Dale, Justin and Brian Gutz. Thanks fellas.

Lou Dogg   January 8 at 7:14pm

Thad, Rick isn't a member of the ADGA. I'm guessing you meant "sign up". If this is correct, I can scan and email him a membership form. Just let me know.

Greg Rouse   January 9 at 5:53am

Did I ever fill out a membership form? I can't remember doing one

Lou Dogg   January 9 at 12:50pm

Probably not Greg. I'm going to have everyone fill out a new one for this season to keep everything current. Next time you're at one of our leagues we'll take care of this. Thanks.

Som Bouasri   January 9 at 6:41pm

I'll renew before elections so I can vote. Shout out to James Beckner.

Thad Murgatroyd   January 9 at 7:11pm

I nominate Louie O for Leagues/Treasurer. Toni O for Secretary Rick Cramer for President

Adam Klein   January 9 at 8:06pm

just a reminder Louie, I am current as of lastnight

Thad Murgatroyd   January 10 at 4:14pm

Where are we doing nominations ? I seem to be the only one so far to nominate people

Adam Klein   January 12 at 1:41pm

I will be posting nomination page later today

Jeremy Boyd   January 14 at 3:16pm

Nominations go to Lou Dogg, send him a pm

Greg Rouse   January 17 at 8:11pm

Hey Lou, I'm going to be mostly out of town for the next couple months. Mail my membership form to me at 551 barra loop wasilla 99654. I'll mail it back to you ASAP. Thanks.