Alaska Disc Golf Association   January 6 at 2:36am

ADGA January Meeting - Agenda - Updated 1/5/14

Alaska Disc Golf Association – Agenda – January 2014

Club Meeting - 1/7/14 – 7:00 pm

Call: (712)432-1000

Code: 524453342#

Location: 800 E. Dimond Blvd.
Ste. 3-350
Anchorage, AK 99515

(Dimond Center Mall, 3rd floor above the ice rink)

1. ADGA Mission/Purpose: “To promote the sport of disc golf ”

2. What do we do to achieve this mission:

- Leagues

- Tournaments

- Course maintenance and construction

- Outreach and education

3. Recap – What was accomplished in 2013?

- League Report

Anchorage – Louie, Brian

Wednesday Dubs

Saturday Singles (PDGA sanctioned winter league)

Homer – Edan

Mat-Su – Tre

Fairbanks – Josh

Outlaw/Hilltop – Thad/Rick

APU - Tyler

Juneau – John S.


- Tournament Report

Ice Bowl, Turkey, States – Brian

Jailhouse – Louie

Russian Jack – Tim, Jeremy

ADGA Finale/State Doubles - Adam

Forest Fling, Gangster Branch, Tall Grass, Kenai Eagle, Dust Bowl – Edan

King of Hill – Rick

Fairbanks – Josh

Greatland Cup – John S.

- Course maintenance and construction Report

Peter’s Creek – Edan, Adam

Kincaid – Brian

New 18 at Kincaid?

Other potential new courses in Anchorage – Tim, others?

- Outreach and education Report

Homer – Edan

Mat-Su – Tre (EDGE)

Anchorage? Who are the contacts for Service and Hanshew?

Kenai/Soldotna? Who is the contact for Skyview?

4. Elections – The Club will be accepting nominations for all five officer positions during the upcoming week. Once nominations have been submitted we will be conducting an online election. The new club officers will be announced at the next club meeting (2/4/14).

5. Bylaws – The organization’s bylaws are not consistent with our Articles of Incorporation and do not reflect the current operations of the ADGA. The bylaws need to be updated in 2014.

6. Finance (Louie)– yearly and monthly reports on ADGA finance. How much money was spent and on what and how much money was brought in 2013. What is our current balance? Money collected during leagues should go to course maintenance for the course that league was played at. Membership fees go into the general operating fund for large-scale course maintenance and construction projects. Receipts for donations/sponsorship?

7. Non-Profit Status – The ADGA is a Nonprofit Corporation (#123227) recognized by the State of Alaska. Our purpose is to “promote the sport of disc golf.” Biannual report for 2013 has been filed and we are current for 2014.

8. Alaska Disc Golf Championships Update – (Thad) - The 2014 AKDGC will be a three-day PDGA sanctioned B-tier event held at Kincaid Park in Anchorage. Thad will be the Head Tournament Director and Brian/Louie and Kurtis will be assistant TDs. We will need to organize a volunteer effort to prepare the course for the tournament and to help on tourney day. Sanctioning is already in place, we still need to obtain permits, get artwork, order discs and other swag, recruit sponsors, rent chalet/picnic area?, finalize schedule (field events, player’s party, award ceremony).

9. ADGA Positions/Responsibilities for 2014:

Does this list to be updated and added to?

– President

- Vice President

- Treasurer

- Secretary

- Tournament/Course Maint. Coordinator

Kurtis Schoenberg – Homer Rep.

Edan Badajos – Moose Pretzel Rep.

Louie Orozco – Anchorage Rep.

Josh Jones - PDGA State Coordinator/Fairbanks rep.

Brian Gutzwiller - Parks and Rec. Liaison

Tim K. - Russian Jack/Westchester rep.

Thad G. – Course Maint./Merchandise

John S. - Juneau rep.

Ian D. - Kenai/Soldotna/Nikiski rep.

Charlie A. – Strongside DG/Fairbanks rep.

Josh Jackson - Girdwood rep.

Tre Jones – Alcantra rep.

Ellen M. – 49th State Brewery (Healy)

Tyler K. – APU

Rick K.- Hilltop rep.


Jeremy B, Adam K, Patrick M – Leagues/Tournament Directors

Alaska Disc Golf Preliminary 2014 Schedule


Feb – Ice Bowl (Brian?)





Sat 10th – Shorebird Showdown – Homer, Jack Gist (Pat M)

17/18 –

Sat 24th – Forest Fling – Girdwood (Kurtis S)



7/8 –

14/15 – Gangster Branch Open – Homer, Moose Pretzel (Edan)

20/21/22 – AKDGC – Anchorage, Kincaid (Thad G.)

Sat 28th - Solstice Showdown – Fairbanks, Birch Hill (Bobb L)





26/27 – Mosquito Blood Drive – Fairbanks, Birch Hill (Josh J)






30/31 – Fairbanks Open – Fiabanks, Birch Hill,/UAF (Josh J)



13/14 - Tall Grass Open – Homer, Moose Pretzel (Edan)


28th – Ace Race - Fairbanks



11/12 – Season Finale – Anchorage, Kincaid (Adam K)


Sat 25th – Termination Dust Bowl – Homer, Jack Gist (Pat M)


Sat 22nd Turkey Tourney – Anchorage, Westchester (Brian)

Others: Russian Jack, Jailhouse, King of the Hill, Kenai, AK Doubles, Greatland Cup, King of the Bowl?, Mat-Su?

10. Website - The ADGA will continue to use the social networking site Disc Golf Scene as a discussion board and to post information on tournaments, leagues, club announcements, and other info. Brian can now add staff members to the club page. The ADGA will also maintain the current website. Does this site need to be updated? Do we need a designated website person for the club?

11. Hilltop Update (Rick) - We would like to renew our equipment lease agreement with Hilltop for 2014.