Barry "B" Bolliger  › Capital City Disc Golf Club   December 6 at 9:21pm

Thank you City of Salem Park and Recreation for loaning CCDG a basket for hole 9. I got it installed today, course is 18 holes again.

Steve Moore   December 6 at 9:40pm

Thank you Barry for update on this, May I ask If Park's Dept. just had this and/or other baskets in storage someplace. Whatever case thank you and them for getting it handled.

Andrew Thompson   December 6 at 11:01pm

thank you Barry!

ROGUE RIDER   December 6 at 11:12pm

ill bet beast would do it with his welder if he had generator

THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   December 7 at 12:53pm

Rogue Rider is correct, I would gladly weld the baskets. "B" send me a message if you want to weld some **** up.

Barry "B" Bolliger   December 7 at 2:34pm

I would really like to keep all of the baskets with the ability to have an alternate, can anybody seeing a way to make them more secure but still able to be removed

Steve Moore   December 7 at 3:16pm

Could a barrel lock setup be used, tend to be lot harder to cut as shackle not visible like on regular locks. Example idea

THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   December 7 at 3:28pm

I can weld a 3/8" nut and bolt to the post and sleeve in a way that could be removed later by 4 1/2" cut-off wheel on my grinder. Easy and cheep way to secure without permanent damage.

THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   December 7 at 3:29pm

Grinder is loud and not likely to be used by a thief.

Barry "B" Bolliger   December 7 at 3:33pm

Ya I like the idea of welding the nuts, I think that is a great start.

Steven Winslow   December 7 at 4:14pm

Please stop posting about me Lee Hartman. You can rest assured all of your obsessive commentary is forwarded.

ROGUE RIDER   December 7 at 5:24pm

dito winslow!!!

ROGUE RIDER   December 7 at 5:54pm

although ive made attempts to extend the olive branch and put the past behind us you still post slander about me that is total BS!

Barry "B" Bolliger   December 7 at 7:33pm

I also like the idea of the barrel lock, checked them out and sent an email to that link thanks Steve Morre. All though just bought new locks

Steve Moore   December 7 at 8:37pm

Thanks for taking time to pursue the barrel style lock, that was just one site to show idea. Mentioned it some time ago in the past but no one seemed interested then. I know they just bought new locks, to bad. Let me know if can help with project, may need to modify to make work, did not actually ... more