Michigan Masters & More   December 4 at 8:44pm

Alztimers Disc Golf

I have purchased 10 of the vintage pin up girl (we all remember them) bag tags with Alztimers Disc Golf put on them. Alztimers is a cross of alzhimers and oldtimers. I am looking for 9 more 50 and over ( Alztimers) interested in an informal year long mid Michigan bag tag challenge. No cost and an altogether disc golf and party around early December of next year at a yet to be selected mid Michigan course. If interested let me know.

Foz Miller   December 5 at 9:01am

Josh - I look forward to more info but count me in.

Jim Knudson   December 5 at 10:26am

Great idea!

Randy "Shide-arm" Shideler   December 5 at 11:54am

Possibly. Keep posting.

Michal Gray   December 5 at 6:47pm

East or west coast?

james-JOSH- russell   December 5 at 7:54pm

mid michigan

james-JOSH- russell   December 5 at 8:27pm

I'm thinking mando everyone plays each other at least once. At least one match in the 2 months of Jan and Feb. and 1 more in March and April, then at least one a month in May thru Nov. with an everyone play and cookout party in late Nov or early Dec. Only 2-6 can challenge number 1. 1 can challenge ... more

james-JOSH- russell   December 5 at 8:29pm

There are 5 already. Myself, Craig Prime, Craig Clingan, Rob Jerisk, and Foz Miller. 5 more to go

John Minicuci   December 5 at 8:45pm

Very interested!

james-JOSH- russell   December 5 at 8:54pm

I forgot. At the steak cookout year end play and party will be best shot doubles for and extra prize. 1 and 10 will be a team, 2 and 9 a team etc.

james-JOSH- russell   December 6 at 5:49am

We got 6. Myself, Craig Prime, Craig Clingan, Rob Jerisk,Foz Miller, and Curt Mcgill

Jim Knudson   December 6 at 10:42am

I would like to play. Where's Hostein, Simpson, and Eddie?

Randy "Shide-arm" Shideler   December 6 at 11:59am

I'm in Grand Rapids. What "mid-Mich" courses are y'all talking 'bout?

james-JOSH- russell   December 6 at 8:16pm

Trying to keep ;it around the tri cities general area.

james-JOSH- russell   December 7 at 9:46am

Just to clarify. Trying to keep the courses relativly close for driving but get players options for never played or seldom played courses mid Flint, Saginaw, Bay City, Midland and surrounding courses. Like Hollywoods would be about as far south, sanford lake about as far north, goldenrod and millington about as far east, and deerfield about as far west. Something like that as a general goal.

james-JOSH- russell   December 7 at 6:25pm

Just got sent photos of the final design of the alztimers disc golf vintage pin up girl bag tags. These things are seriously unbelievable! Beautiful (no nudity but close) sexy women with alztimers disc golf logo on top with a disc flying thru it. Anyone should be very happy to end up with even the 1 ... more

james-JOSH- russell   December 7 at 7:59pm

Anyone wanting to see these totally awesome bag tags, send me your email address and I'll forward the photo's of them to you. You will be persuaded to sign up and play once you see them

Randy "Shide-arm" Shideler   December 8 at 8:40am

What you're calling "mid-Mich" sounds more East to me.

james-JOSH- russell   December 8 at 11:29am

sorry. All the local news channels have always called this area mid mi ever since I was little on tv and still do, so thats what I'm used to calling this area. But you are right.

james-JOSH- russell   December 8 at 10:07pm

We had one drop out and one that is a probable. Now its myself, Craig Clingan, Rob Jerisk,Foz Miller, Curt Mcgill, Jeff Hill,Terry Gibbs. Keep spreading the word to anyone you can think of. To get all 10 would be great. We sure have a great group to start. Promises to be fun!

John Minicuci   December 9 at 4:14pm

It all depends on when and where Josh. I live in Troy, about as far southeast as you can get.

james-JOSH- russell   December 9 at 8:20pm

This will be in the flint, saginaw, bay city, midland and close by area

james-JOSH- russell   December 9 at 8:46pm

We now have 8.Myself, Craig Clingan, Rob Jerisk, Foz Miller, Curt Mcgill, Jim Knudson, Jeff Hill, Terry Gibbs. Keep spreading the word. Only two more to go

John Minicuci   December 10 at 12:11am

I am running a few events in 2014 but count me in.

james-JOSH- russell   December 10 at 8:25pm

We've got ten! And a maybe. If the maybe plays, I'll back out and try to play with everyone hear and there. We got myself, Craig Prime, Craig Clingan,Rob Jerisk, Foz Miller, Curt Mcgill,Jim Knudson, Jeff Hill, Terry Gibbs, and John Minicuci. More to follow soon. Should be more fun than old foeggies can handle.

james-JOSH- russell   December 14 at 7:59am

If there are no objections, we now have 11, with Fred Mcgill, so I have ordered more bag tags.

james-JOSH- russell   December 14 at 8:10am

The first ten should be mailed today. So if we get another, I feelthat we can handle them. The rest of the bag tags can be given out for prizes. So as a general overview of the rules. It is mando that you play all other 10 players in this year long challenge. You can play as many matches as you want ... more

John Minicuci   December 14 at 4:17pm

Great job James. Thank you for spearheading this. Just as a side note, my Tag will be on the line at States if I can get there to any of those in this group, even the State Champ Mr. Clingan :-)

John Minicuci   December 25 at 8:39pm

Got my tag yesterday. Merry Christmas to me. Thank you Josh!