Billy Gaskill  › Capital City Disc Golf Club   November 30 at 12:10am

Hey all,

Random Dubs @ Adair 11am Sunday!

I'm excited because it's MY first club dubs on the new tee pads!!

They really turned out awesome. I'd sure like to see some of our Salem Homies who helped us on the day of the big pour. I know they are working on a new course (Wheatland DGC) from 1-5. Maybe we can carpool from dubs up to the new course and tear it up!

Hope to see you all out there. Since I missed the first dubs on the new pads, I'll make it special this time. There will be at least 3 CTPs!


Steve Moore   November 30 at 12:23am

Like to join you all but need to kind of be at Work party as I'm part of Pac-West board. Was at Adair today with some folks for a couple rounds. Pads are great but didn't seem to shave that 10 strokes off I was hoping for. It's all good and if any body feels like make drive up to Wheatland to join us be great, if not understand totally. Have a great Dubs round

Barry "B" Bolliger   November 30 at 8:33pm

I like the idea of that deli let's cancel cap city random dubs at Dallas and move it to Adair