Jason "Rooster" Bruster  › Capital City Disc Golf Club   November 6 at 9:11am

In reguard to the Liquid Sunshine PDGA league... What does the $6 weekly buy in go towards? How is the $6 distributed?

Kayla Johnson   November 6 at 10:03am

$1 CCDG,$1 PDGA, $1 Ace pot, $3 Payouts. All amounts are not optional, $6 flat every week.

Daneger Jones   November 6 at 5:25pm

why is it so important to give pdga $1.00 every week,what do they give back in return,I have yet to see any positive feedback for me to want to join the pdga

Kayla Johnson   November 6 at 7:33pm

The $1 is for the rated rounds, which is largely why this league is happening.

Mike Wilson   November 6 at 8:31pm

Sucks the league is on Saturdays. I work. Would be nice to get in some more rated rounds this winter.

Jason "Rooster" Bruster   November 6 at 11:22pm

Im curious if it helps or hurts ratings... so many relitive factors

Steven Winslow   November 7 at 12:26am

Jason -, Dane - To me, that question is like asking what the NBA does for basketball. Additionally, this specific league wouldn't be possible without the PDGA's insurance policy. So appeasing the City of Salem's requirement is one of the unique things the PDGA gives ... more

Jason "Rooster" Bruster   November 7 at 10:04am

Steve, I'm glad your doing this type of league... I just wish I could make it out on Saturdays. I just have to many irons in the fire... But if I can, I'll come out when my schedule allows it.

Grape Ape   November 7 at 3:32pm

I'm excited for it and deffinetely going to try to make it out. I wonder if we will have enough propagators to get a good read for ratings. Can't wait!

Steven Winslow   November 7 at 5:05pm

Everyone is welcome for as many or as few rounds as they can. PDGA members as well as non-members.

Daneger Jones   November 12 at 9:20pm

lol, just FYI, my dad mistakenly has been posting under my profile. just incase I have'nt been sounding like myself.