Alex Barber  › Capital City Disc Golf Club   October 28 at 12:07am

Hey guys been a while since I logged in to disc golf scene but wanted to share a pretty cool event with you guys. As many of you know about a year and a half ago my car was stolen as well as my disc golf bag. Today while at work I received a phone call, a lady had bought them and been in the process of moving and having a baby it was in the last box unpacked and when she noticed how many of the discs had the same name on them she called me. Because she called when she realized it, and I have already completely rebuilt my bag and changed my throwing style some I let her keep all but 1 of the discs even though she was willing to give them all back. Just wanted to share that there are some great people left in this world.

Rick Saffeels   October 28 at 12:13am

That's cool man!!

Jason "Rooster" Bruster   October 28 at 10:55am

Did you ask who or where she got them from? that info might help other people get there stuff back also

Alex Barber   October 28 at 2:17pm

She said she bought them from some guy while she was at a bar one night, didn't have a name

- scottishrob -   October 28 at 11:11pm

Very cool.