Erin Oakley  › Ichabod Crane Open   October 22 at 8:31pm

Oh yeah...bring some extra cash! I am giving away a free pair of KEEN shoes Sunday! Tickets are 1-$2, 3-$5, 7-$10, or 20-$20! All proceeds goes to the 2014 Disc Girls tournament!

Beth Grost   October 23 at 8:41am

Excellent! Maybe this time I'll get lucky!!!

Erin Oakley   October 23 at 10:20am

i hope so! :-)

Radonna Winters   October 26 at 11:16pm

I really want those Keens!

Beth Grost   October 28 at 9:27am

So much for my new Keens...... Rats!

Monkey Michael Gary   November 1 at 4:04pm

who was the winner for those

Erin Oakley   November 2 at 8:00am

one of the am Masters, sorry don't know his name.