2013 Cass Benton Monday Night Doubles   October 22 at 11:16am

Monday, October 21st - League Finale

Thanks to all the players that came out last night. Played 18 holes from the shorts. Glad to welcome 2 new players to the league. Geoff Bennett/Josh Mcclendon took the W with a -13. Ace pool is at $204. Thanks again to all the players that came out to monday dubs over the last eight months. U all helped make this a great league and i hope everyone had as much fun as i did. Big things coming for 2014, see everyone in march!

Jason Kirkaldy   October 22 at 12:30pm

big things?,

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan   October 22 at 12:49pm

BIG!!!! Def worth it next year JK.

Jason Kirkaldy   October 22 at 2:51pm

buldozers and added holes?? I think not.

g lane   October 24 at 1:30pm

locking stalls for the toilets.

Jason Kirkaldy   October 24 at 3:32pm

lol that would help